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Yeah, definitely, you know, we try to support each other as much as possible, whether it's like, I went to Leeds full of last week and just kind of doing stuff like that. It's good to be around these guys and even though we're competitors, we're also teammates at the end of the day and a lot of us have even grown up with each other. And so it's a brotherhood and we really we really lean on each other for support. You went up to Leeds Fulham to see just like the most American game of all time. You wanted a piece of that. Exactly. I was awesome. You know, it was, of course, Jedi and Tim and against Weston be in Tyler. And it was awesome. It was like, it felt really nice to see all these guys who, you know, I've played with or played against and at the end of the game, it's just, we're still the same guys who go to camp with each other. Like, we all just kick it after the game and just have a left. The big question, which one of you is most likely to develop the Brad friedel mockney London accent? Well, you're even it. Oh gosh. I take Jedi out because he already has it. I'd probably say the west lives and leads. I would say Wes because that sounds like something that he would do, but I feel like I heard Christian. I feel like Christian did some type of accent one time, so actually I give it to Christian probably. Anyway, the next camp money on the fact that Wes is just going to stroll into the American camp be like, hey, oh, I'm sorry. 100%. That's worse. That's something that he would do. It's go full John harks. Life is tough and full of difficult questions. What does happiness really mean? How do I get the most out of my time on earth? And what really is the best candy bar?

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