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Back on the road. Appreciated kenny mcpeek. Everybody on his way to obese. We'll we'll get some other over. Yes conversation and later including probably thompson torah visit. Actually i haven't heard back from tom but usually it can get. He's out there walking the grounds We'll take let's take the time out here case okay and We'll come back. We'll get. Kev humphries in and we'll get cavs cheltenham pushes four tomorrow and wednesday. So you'll be halfway in. That will check back with him on wednesday for thursday and friday. The long shop lad Rich mcgrory has well to follow kev. And i mentioned tom. Amos probably reach for baffert In the last half hour as well talk about Haven't even discussed it yet. Concert tour basically. I joel rosario. To me was a big part of the difference because he he quarterhorse that out with concert tour in the rebel pan giroux kind of eased off and that may have been all. It took so concert tour. Moderate takes a eventually. I think paired up to say a percent the win with a ninety four buyer. It's going to have to have to keep a going to have to keep going hosur. Actually the other baffert that he told you about last week was going hosur got second but frankly he got. He got lucky to be second. Let's let's be frank. big lake. Caddo river was stopping in front of big lake and a cost big lake. Second so i. It seems to me that this was a race that we sort of had a certain at this patient for this. This this wasn't as splashy is as the potential seem to indicate but plenty of other nice performances. The talk about out of the the oaklawn. The other thing to talk about with the baffler to triple tap jane lyon gets her baby for feral sibling. Off to a solid start solid star..

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