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More men appear to be dying from Hove in nineteen than women a researcher explains why that might be happening Vermont says it'll start opening back up carefully and health workers who don't have protective masks give snorkel so try it's Thursday April twenty third the actor Dev Patel is thirty today in the news is next live from NPR news I'm korva Coleman the house will vote today on a nearly half a trillion dollar measure to add more money to a new small business lending program aimed at keeping businesses afloat during the pandemic the legislation also includes more money for hospitals and B. R. Susan Davis has more the plan includes three hundred and ten billion for the small business lending program but there are already concerns it will run out of money again fast the first influx of three hundred and fifty billion for this new program ran out in just two weeks lawmakers are already talking about the next piece of legislation that will be necessary to prop up the U. S. economy party leaders and the White House are publicly discussing another round of direct payments to Americans extending unemployment benefits providing aid to states and local governments a new infrastructure spending once this legislation is approved by Congress today Washington will have spent more than two point seven trillion dollars in less than two months to combat the coronavirus and provide economic relief Susan Davis NPR news Washington the top official in charge of the federal agency that develops vaccines says he was forced out of his job by the trump administration Dr Rick bright says he was removed because he pushed back against the use of an anti malarial drugs to treat covert nineteen that was touted by president trump and peers Brian Naylor has more right was director of the biomedical advanced research and development authority in a statement he says he was involuntarily transferred from that post to a lower level job at the national institutes of health he says he had insisted that the government invest the billions of dollars allocated by Congress to address the corona virus pandemic into safe and scientifically vetted solutions and not in drugs and other technologies that lacks scientific merit that's an apparent reference to anti malarial drugs that trump has said should be used to treat covert nineteen right says he's speaking out because in his words to combat this deadly virus science not politics or cronyism has to lead the way Brian Naylor NPR news suspected tornadoes have killed at least six people across the south from Oklahoma to Mississippi from Houston public media Davis land reports on damage in Texas the tornado flattened homes and brought down power lines search and rescue teams in Polk County Texas were digging through the rubble overnight in the small town of on Alaska at least three people were killed between twenty and thirty injured according to Polk County officials thousands were left without power emergency officials initially told people to shelter at a nearby high school then the school lost power and people had to move to a gem in the next town over Polk County has issued a disaster declaration and Texas governor Greg Abbott has deployed state resources to the area Davis land reporting this is NPR the labor department will release its report on weekly jobless claims this hour in the past several weeks more than twenty two million people have filed unemployment claims as the pandemic ramps up Harvard says it will not seek nor will it accept millions of dollars it wasn't mine to receive as part of a corona virus relief package from member station WGBH Kerr carapace of reports the decision comes after a very public spat with president trump Hubbard was slated to receive nearly nine million dollars from the fourteen billion dollar pool designated for colleges in the cares act that president trump signed last month on Tuesday trump aronie Asli said Harvard should return stimulus money intended for small businesses harbored bristled at the claim that it took or even applied for coronavirus stimulus money meant for small businesses now Harvard says it's decided not to accept any of the funds for colleges instead it will encourage the U. S. education department to reallocate the money to Massachusetts institutions that are struggling to serve their communities Stanford and Princeton have also said they won't take any federal relief money for NPR news I'm Kerr characters that in Boston officials with the royal Canadian Mounted Police say they believe a gunman acted alone in the deaths of twenty two people last weekend in Nova Scotia the mass shooting was the deadliest in modern Canadian history officials want to know if the gunman had help in obtaining a fake police uniform and a fake police vehicle I'm korva Coleman NPR news support for NPR comes from NPR stations other contributors include the corporation for public broadcasting and the estate of Joan Kroc whose request serves as an enduring investment in the future of public radio and the John D. and Catherine T. macarthur foundation at mac founder dot org this is morning edition from NPR news I'm David Greene and I'm no well king good morning when will a covert nineteen vaccine be ready some vaccine developers are already testing on humans but it's probably going to be many months still experts say we need to plan now for the day of vaccine is available and here science correspondent Joe Palca has been talking to them Hey Joe Hey Noel still experts say we need to plan now what sort of planning needs to be happening right now well there's a lot to consider maybe we can start with manufacturing okay so let's say a vaccine sales through testing great okay we need a billion doses of it well you can't wait till the end of the testing and say all we are not what you thought of that they're thinking about it now the interesting thing is they are building capacity but companies now and people who are investing in them now Hey we may never days our candidate may never make it so we're building this capacity and it may never be used so it's kind of an interesting conundrum yeah it really is it once we have a vaccine what will early distribution look like who gets it well I talk with our Bruce callin about that he's the head of global immunization at the Sabin vaccine institute when vaccines first available the supplies we limited the demand will be a lot more and then how do you manage that going used to be in government he says when there was a threat of a major flu pandemic they discussed how to prioritize who goes first clearly among the top where healthcare workers and people who provide community services the things that keeps society going there's the security sector whether that's your national security or the military and then there's people who are part of society's critical infrastructure and as we've been learning they may not be the people who necessarily spring to mind as critical but I'm talking about people like grocery store employees and delivery truck drivers and people whose stock shelves and then you've got to think about in health terms so do you give it to people who are most vulnerable to give it to the elderly they're they're just not a whole raft of interesting issues that have to be grappled with okay so let's say we get to a day where we've got the vaccine we've gotten to the point where we can mass produce it and then it has to get to people all across the world how is that going to work yeah well you can imagine it's it's a low just tackle challenges of a enormous dimensions but it's also a financial challenge I mean this is not going to come for free and the question is okay so developed countries like the United States maybe we can spend billions of dollars but what about low resource countries well we have to figure that out and you know part of it is equity and doing the right thing and part of it is just enlightened self interest because this virus doesn't know anything about global borders and when air travel opens back up again all right you can bring a virus from anywhere in the world anywhere else in the world pretty quick and so it's important to take this as a global problem experts are talking to you about this they're talking to each other about this are these kinds of discussions happening with governments with our government well absolutely absolutely there are NGOs are involved the international financial organizations of all governments are involved we just had a monkey wrench thrown into the works here a bit it's a little hard to say what the impact will be but a federal scientist named Richard bright who is focused on vaccine development says he was removed from his post I am a key post in the vaccine development and he said in a statement that his lawyer has specifically cited pushed back he was pushing back against unproven potential treatments that president trump had repeatedly advocated for during White House briefings now you would think that in a global pandemic situation the World Health Organization might be the coordinating agency for taking care of this but this administration has shown at this stage in our lack of faith in WHL a lot of hurdles and P. are still talking thanks to you're welcome the US China relationship has become a central issue in the presidential election year and president trump likes to suggest the former vice president Joe Biden is too close to Chinese leaders but the Biden campaign says the president hasn't helped China accountable for the corona virus pandemic here's NPR's us my college when the president is criticized for how he has handled the corona virus outbreak hello often point a finger at China there's nobody ever been tougher on China than me in fact the president says he got elected in twenty sixteen but because of his tough talk on China specifically trait in twenty twenty he's accusing his democratic opponent Joe Biden as being weak on China but the fight over who's tough on China is no longer just about long standing trade concerns it's also about this pandemic that originated in China here's a recent ad from America first as super pacs supporting president trump do the.

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