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It has been an honor to serve you and I wish you well. I will not be taking any questions at this time. Enough has already been said. I will work with my successor to ensure that there is Kate and orderly transition of leadership in my office. It is time for us. As a nation to reconcile. And to begin the healing process. Together. Thank you. Well, hopefully George Gascon will come in and let the prosecutors do their jobs and not gut the place and, ah Cause he's got that ability. They can't fire him. You can't be fired, but they could Change the entire power structure of what the D A's office is Jackie Lacey with very emotional address there to the employees for the DA's office, her prosecutors that she's been working with and just An absolute big boy pants load of class. Yes, and the idea that she is, and she kind of made reference to it that she is, or at least that position for her being sacrificed on the altar of black lives, matters movements disgusting. It and and it. It absolutely makes no logical sense When you hear what she's talking about. And you hear the humanity with which she's performed her job. You know where her life It doesn't make any sense. Well, like Steve Cooley said the other day we're gonna have stories. We're going to chronicle the demise that Befalls L a county because we have now just put somebody in power who has no idea what he's doing. I mean, if you work in downtown Los Angeles, you're gonna have to buy rubbers. Rubbers. Get rubber boots. Oh, because you're going to be walking through human waste piles of it. All you have to do is look at San Francisco and see what the example would be when you stop. When you stop Criminalizing crime in the city. It goes too literal. Feek, um Gary and Shannon will continue. I just wanted to definitely put a bow on that. Move on. Amy King has the latest as Gary in Shannon just told you the L. A County district Attorney, Jackie Lacey has conceded the election to challenger George Gascon. At last.

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