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Hey, drivers Eric Harley with a quick question. How do you stay entertained during downtime? How about live HDTV right in your cab with dish portable satellite. Antennas? It's easier than ever check it out at dish. For my truck dot com and get all the TV you love to watch at home right in the comfort of your cap with coast to coast service dishes. Perfect for fleets to got a disc for my truck dot com or call eight three three truck TV that's eight three three eight seven eight twenty five eighty eight restrictions apply. Patrick gamble is a trucking legend. He goes by the CV handle swan FOX and hauls cargo on the open road. With his trusty dog diesel Patrick protects what he's built with affordable coverage from progressive commercial gets flexible payments with big time discounts and savings, which he spends on diesel the dog and the fuel the mostly the dog find out what makes progressive the number one insurer of trucking legends across America. Visit progressive commercial dot com today. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Number one fucking share from SNL financial data. I'm Clarence or captain black to my fellow soldiers for at least two days a month in two weeks a year. I keep my skills sharp in the US army. Reserve two days a month means I work with the latest technology planning all communications on critical missions. It also means I get to stay close to home and run my business full training at least one weekend a month in two weeks year needs preparing for a successful future. While staying closed down the US army. Reserve part time service fulltime success. Learn more go army. Reserve dot com slash skills on it a perfectly colorless diamond. He lives in one of America's largest cities. And he wanted it to be flawless the legendary d flawless, and he wanted it to be eight full carrots and eight carat d flawless every jeweler he spoke to gave them the same advice. If you're looking for a diamond like that you're going to have to go to even company in San Francisco luxury timepieces, fine designers, and plus diamonds since eighteen fifty two. Generations of Americans came to San Francisco and now people from all over the world because this city of shreve and company owned franchise. Exactly the diamond he wanted the impossible a loss..

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