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Some combination of Adam Dave Jamie Heath Ben. Who knows this podcast that Wednesday shows are favorite shows than I have ready talk about some trade value with here I. Love It. Michael Thomas what did you get or give for Michael? Thomas? What about Jonathan Taylor? I'm trying to make a trade off right now involving Jonathan Taylor Davis Shutdown shutting it down. And Welcome Egan style I o exceptions Adam that is Dave Hello Heath I m what's a matter heath? GRUMPY Wonderful Morning I'm not grumpy at all. I don't think I even received any as offers last night. So I have nothing to be grumpy about kid and try and trade you some spur them receiver for the next great breakout tight end. I I offered Dave Sammy Watkins for Noah Fanton it was turned down what what would you go? Look at my team? What would you? Would you take Darius Layton for no offense. that. Would at least be a little more interesting but probably not rea-. Wow Man I mean maybe maybe maybe that's wow. Okay. All right. All right. Well, we'll work on it. Michael Thomas. Is the lead here we're GonNa talk about him and his trade value and Jonathan. Taylor we will give you the news in the notes. We got some player debates today often versus Kenyan Drake Versus Jonathan Taylor Adam feeling versus Calvin really versus Chris Godwin. What is kind of reassess some some value right now, we will preview the Thursday night game and you risers and fallers and read your emails and your apple podcasts questions. Later on the show, what is your overall level of enthusiasm for the Thursday night game I unfortunately I am I think I'm about a three I think the browns are boring. Actually. Fence fenceline is even on the trade shirt. Hey, maybe I'll. Maybe I'll give it some legitimate thought. Yes. I. Will. I'm excited for any football game at this. Yes I look of course I'm excited for football, but we can be honest some games I'm more excited about than others Brown. Bengals is not really even with borough. I don't know not really no this. This is a fascinating game. Really. You've got the. Kevin Sanski as bad. As last year, and so it actually wasn't the coaching last year Baker? Mayfield's just terrible angle. You've got the Kareem Hunt Nick Chubb Angle I think about the whole borough ankle Joe. Borough I the Odell Beckham Aj Green might just be exceptional Bilo candidates wide receiver in that might be ruined on Thursday night I think they might be both be awesome in that game so yeah, I'm I'm pretty excited to see I think both bengals receivers are excellent Bilo candidates right now green look great I know that the stat line doesn't say but looked really good out there on in week one. Yeah. I know yeah to almost touchdowns you gotta love is really good. Yeah he was wide open for one borough. So. Did you go back and watch that game? I watched parts of it I. Would I came back away from it was that the bengals defense is still not great. Their offensive line is terrible. It is like we talked up it'll be a little bit better with John Williams there and all that. Oh. My God it's bad and it's getting worse there starting billy price at right guard against Cleveland and the one thing that browns defense did remotely well week one was slow down the run of the Ravens. So I I'm I'm a little nervous about Joe Mixon this think bill you're going to start him anyway, but he could end up having some tough times and and and he didn't ask down. So it was Chiyo also. Could be frustrating. We could be looking at Bilo opportunity for mixing here and a couple of days. I actually have both browns running backs ranked to Joe Mixing Right now. He did get what one thousand nine carries. Yes, right? Yeah. Something it's funny that. I think in that game, he and Austin received the exact same workload and warning alarms going off all over the place four first round pick Austin and everybody like Yeah Joe Mixing Got Nineteen carries no I think. Based on tweets and emails. I'm seeing some concern about mixing but this happens I mean. You know this happens people freak out about offensive lines and they their right to do it. But I think the bigger concern is the fact that team Geo got five targets game. Yeah. Well, see if it's a trend. All right. We'll preview that game concerns in a little bit. Let's talk about Michael Thomas. So He's He's not convinced. He's going to miss a of time but there was a report that don't miss several weeks. They're considering putting him on I R, which is only three weeks at least three weeks this year he's got an ankle sprain high ankle sprain and you certainly should I expect Michael Thomas this week. But what is his trade value give me a wide receiver that you would take that you would give up to get Michael Thomas at this point. Them in the same spot in the trade charters. KYW's like Allen. Robinson Robert. Woods. In non PR there with AJ Brown Dj more. Metcalf. And that's on the assumption that he misses just a few games and that when he comes back, he's mostly fine. That could be too big of an accent and assumption we've seen the high ankle sprain really. Slowdown players in the past and it takes them a long time to get over. I don't I don't think people should just give away Michael Thomas I. Think they need to just wait this one out somebody comes with the really good offer everyone who followed the been gretch method of drafting receivers. needs to be going to make a trade off for Michael Thomas I agree. With Dave of that range of wide receiver, you might go a little lower and be able to get him. You might have to pay a little bit more but if you drafted four of those receivers from round two through six. and. So you have a surplus of wide receivers and you have a Lotta guys in that range that's exactly the team that should be going to try to trade. For Thomas. Because you can still start three wide receivers, you cannot use Thomas Find Affleck's somewhere else and then when he comes back your just stacked. Okay and Admit that that's the whole thing here whoever has Michael. Thomason behalf Kato across fantasy. Leagues for the next couple of weeks whoever ends up with him and is five or better when he comes back I mean in theory you've got your ticket punched for the playoffs and you'll be a legit contender for the crown. So that's why I'm not going to be in such a huge hurry to dump Michael Thomas. But if two weeks from now I'm Owen Three Michael Thomas Sitting on my bench I need a win. That's when all star taking some offers on him. GotTa bring up saquon Barkley who came back to early from a high ankle sprain and was pretty lousy for a few weeks and then he won. The League winner down the WHO was incredible. But you know gotTA bring that up. He definitely was playing through something. He said he had he had. kind of a separate injury after he came back wasn't the same aggravation but. He did come back pretty quickly so that that possibility does exist but it's a risk worth taking in the Robert Woods range something like that. If you want to give up a wide receiver, Jonathan Taylor, Michael, Thomas Recipes and. Taylor which I said yesterday. Okay Yeah I called out on it. I'd. I'd probably take Thomas and. No I mean now if we were redrafting today and you knew that you couldn't have Michael Thomas Until Maybe week five, and if not week five, then it's gotta be week seven. You're really going to take him, Jonathan? Taylor. It's popular I think it's also possible. It's week three or four. Okay. I'd be surprised that would.

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