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Football game tossing the coin with a mask on by the way tossing the coin. It's the middle of the field while the borders being overrun. I realize that the bun regime. D- joe biden and jill biden. Stuck her with. This wasn't her choice. But it's your job and she's ignoring it by the way she's going on. Tv she's doing her first interview. In whatever months and months and months. I one since You know afghanistan fell and the border was opened and everything else. Do you know who she's doing with he's going to be tough is gonna be there. Who is going to be not that bad. It's not that bad. The view the view quite well. That's interesting bear is sort of the view at night or kimmel. The you know. They're kind of like joy. Behar sunny husted night but the interesting thing with that one though is it's not. It can't be edited though. I mean they'll give her softball questions. Are cackle yeah. I think they're live. Because i could or at least or at least you're not gonna see you're not going to see the big edits like you would see the last biden interview. When they sat down with what's with steffi it's not going to be like who the conservative to meghan mccain. Who's taking her job. meghan mccain's i'll listen. I don't watch the view like Like maybe i should. I should know that it should. That should be big news. Like who's the conservative on the view. i'm sure it's not a real conservative but let me check and see who the cast members who will be the one to Ask kamala harris a tough question. This one says whoopi goldberg joy. Bay sarah hanes. And maybe that's our guest host. I think since Since meghan mccain left. I never heard of sarah haynes. She's a white woman There was all kinds of rumors of different people a kansas. Oh and people want to cancel an initial real conservative. in a tough debater. She would never fit. They would never accept her. They would booder out there. Sara haines whatever. I don't even she's krit -servative but we'll find out he'll ask tough questions. I mean you think joy behar's gonna ask about the chaos at the border a they'll be they'll be working. You know rub in the feet and it'll be it'll be embarrassing but i think that's Today tomorrow will stay on top of it. We'll have we'll watch the view so you don't have to house that. Just tell me where you want me to cut it and all that your job now you watch the view and let me know you know give me. The highlights signed up for check the date. Let me see. It's is the view cast. I'm looking at that now. That is a great job. You know if. I think of a dream job the view what time eleven newnan named you sit there for an hour with a bunch of dummies like joy. Behar easily i mean megan mccain again. If kansas and sat there she would destroy to obey her and debate every day. we'll be goldberg. Destroy them in our. You done you scream at each other and you to make millions must be a pretty good gig but let me check and see when kamala harris is on when you have to watch the view. I don't even have cable. I can't off to watch the cable. Now do you want what do you. What do you do for tv. Oh i stream. I just find well i. It's mostly like netflix and stuff. There's nothing thing it's kind of a thing okay. She will make her first. This is her first talk show appearance in studio since being sworn into office. That was eight months ago. September twenty four. When is this. Is this friday. Friday news dump a be co host. Whoopi goldberg sarah. Haynes joi bay sunny halston and ana navarro. It's a lot of a big crowd in. She'll be discussing. Issues surrounding afghanistan immigration and voting rights of christ we talk about voter suppression passing laws to suppress the vote. I have another quick topic to get to well. You know what. I i got a question for you. shea and then i got a good question for you on the news you know. I'm a news junkie if all the news. I'm struggling with one thing but Let's do shea. And then i'll ask you. That question. this is for you homeowners home. Builder's out there. Did you know that. Shake concrete as a huge selection process concrete steps. Of course you did. Tell me about this. The best thing i think it might be..

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