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Lieutenant colonel Alexander vin men and former service officer Jennifer Williams will testify when the impeachment inquiry resumes CBS news Nicole Killian reports Republicans on the impeachment panel one here from Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson who attended the inauguration of Ukrainian president full of Michelin ski intelligence committee ranking member Devin newness and congressman Jim Jordan sent a letter to the GOP senator it said we reluctantly right to request any first hand information you have about president trump's actions toward Ukraine between April and September twenty nineteen I will lay out what I know in terms this seems so my perspective president trump and senator Johnson are unlikely to testify in open hearings but several others will appear this week eight more witnesses are scheduled including three on Tuesday who listen to the July twenty fifth phone call when president trump asked his Ukrainian counterpart to open political investigations Nicole Gillian CBS news Capitol Hill I hipaat mastermind is not too happy about calling Capper next controversial work out for the NFL over the weekend CBS news Dever Rodriguez has the details the rate for thirty years they do not for three years rap magazine XXL says JZ is fuming over the former forty niner changing the venue at the last minute the music mogul was reportedly key and convincing commissioner Goodell to okay the work out in a bid to bring the quarterback back into the major leagues fold XXL's as JZ likens the way Capper Nick handled it two of publicists done the rapper says he took a reputational bullet after he signed a deal with the NFL himself to help the league on social justice issues Deborah Rodriguez CBS news will gas prices continue to drop in San Diego right now the average price of a gallon of unleaded gasoline is three dollars and ninety six cents that's the lowest it's been since September the average price is about seven cents less than a week ago nineteen cents less than a month ago the fate of the mission valley stadium site took center stage during today's San Diego city council meeting the end result next not a ton about Dodger Jeff gray in la mesa for a long time now they're dentistry changes lives here's a one of the patients had to say he is.

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