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Male dominated fused obsessed industry if there ever was one who is tool to bow and try to do things to help change you know the lack of diversity across gender race ethnicity sexuality disability and age and so this is just be one Paul old when I feel very strongly about so what I would like to like to drive change in advertising is very interesting area because the target demographics right for many of these companies and many of these products has forever been eighteen to thirty four right at least in my business and television or eighteen to fifty four if you really want to stretch it but after fifty four they don't really care and I'm curious is that outdated antiquated modeling your view apps a bloody nose Hey and it's all for a much bigger problem which national has quite rightly highlighted which is the patriarchy suit at the top my industry as it was top of your listing ever on streets a clean sweep of white guys told want guys Bob white guys what that means an appetizing is that the primary everything on the primary influence the pixel everything is female that's not so majority organs appetizing eighty percent of consumer goods are not by one but the advertising industry is dominated by men so we all consuming still twelve cells from the male gaze and equally my industry is extraordinarily ages Tina brown and I were talking recently and we were saying why is this obsession still so prominent because we were saying that women when their children get older and they're out of the house they have more disposable income they have more freedom to travel to spend it to do things and yet they're still kind of invisible the thing about that is everything we're talking about the solution is enormously simple if you want to sell a ton of products to older people in a way to make all the people go my gold let me get my wallet out and give you all my money older people make yeah and it should have older people create the ads approve the ads produce the ads and direct the ads if you had older people industry operating at every point along the way we would see much better advertising and some normally a special pictures well cells because the enormous irony is I bang on about the water campaign which for many US has run the tagline live young and the skills that's what we want to do I press the hash tag little because we are the ones living the aspirational lifestyle we have our own sense of values we have our own personal tastes we dress the way we won't we live the way we want if we're looking at we have money that means we can travel we have more freedom these are all things that younger people spot too but we.

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