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In the newsroom in india's has over nine hundred investment analyst it from over one hundred different opponents of a nine hundred of the sharpest mowing the freshest thinkers in the world of finance today no one has more no one knows small being the find out how we could help you contact us yesterday uh it's just on the point of seven nineteen that ago go on it's time to consent continual series on protest now a century ago this year britain extended the vague to most women that right was extremely hauled one and a massive part was played by the suffragettes it will thrated both inside and outside the law one of the less wellknown heroines of the movement was kitty marion but that may be about to change doctor fern rebel has just written a book about it's called death in ten minutes kitty marion activist also honest suffragette and firm told monocled andrew miller why she's worthy of a book of heroin kitty marion is one of the most incredible unknown female lives than i think we've ever had in history of the suffragette movement she's again and child immigrants she gave since the music halls and she really finds that as an intense cochair of abuse much night today in then in the entertainment industry and finding that there is no no way to solve these problems the government and listen to her industry that listen to her she turns to the suffragette s on her life with them to try and change our world trying change industry is the subject to death in ten minutes the fact that she then goes off to america and becomes a birth control activist you know this is one woman who is in the harsh of the suffragette movement and the dawning of planned parenthood in america we have no other life like this in our understanding of our culture this time users use an untold story or disregarded character did she fall through the cracks delivered is because we really struggled to understand the concept of violent women and the the ability that women would protest in wave that we traditionally reserved for men what since we were able to get of her mode versions of very clear one because like many very strong and strict activists who are dedicated to course who dedicate a life took owes she wrote down why so she's.

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