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I would say care about Cup final couple Europa leagues. Don't laugh be be objective. All that. And more. Don't go anywhere. He's. All the way. Jake, Sylvie smothered, and he's told him. Welcome smashing pumpkins. Underrated. By thing. If slipped off the planet a little bit. Yeah. This is a great album to the double album Cali on the set with. There was always that one CD that people paid more than the other one which was the one that had tonight tonight nineteen Seventy-nine they were both on the same the same track or the same disc. Yeah. And wasn't zero on that two bowl wins. Bullet with butterfly wings. Or was it divided between the lighter stuff in the heavier stuff. Don't remember remember. Yeah. Great all the band. They were super bonds yet old Billy Corgan old. Billy Corgan nineteen seventy nine is n tonight drew to the best music videos. I think I've ever seen tonight tonight is the almost nineteen twenties animated. Yeah, they're very good. What was the other one nineteen seventy nine? It was like teenagers think on right around in the car. Yeah. Really enjoyed that one too. Yeah. Whereas bullet with butterfly wings was terrifying. View into some kind of gravity from the future. Do still watch music videos. I do occasionally when I'm at home in Ireland by pairs for some reason have MTV too. So I put that on. Yeah. I liked the idea music videos. Yeah. Me too. But unfortunately, reality TV killed all that. I know MTV is a weird place. Now, I don't freak when it you. Don't know. No. It's on in my house. My wife loves to watch teen. Mom, sixteen and pregnant those are often on our TV. But I don't know. I just can't get into us not music. Not certainly not. But it is television. Let's see what to watch for your rope league round of thirty two second leg Thursday at twelve fifty five PM arsenal and Botta Borisov an arsenal. Go into the second leg trailing one nil. Now, you may like an arsenal supporter may say, yes lose. Let's just end this and focus on what matters and that is trying to finish top four. But if they do feel that way, I would say that's a bit sad because I think that arsenal should be capable of trying to finish top four and trying to win this competition. Can I? Point everyone towards Jonathan Lou article about arsenal and the sad cleaned of state of nothingness that they're in the nether zone that they found themselves under STAN Kroenke, it's really a fabulous piece just type it in our Jonathan Lou independent newspapers and you'll find it online one of the funniest things to KOMO to this tight was after the game some arsenal fans found themselves in a McDonald's, actually, maybe it was after the pub in Belarus, and who was in in their tracksuits eating hamburgers. It was about Barsov out of I saw that on Alexander Klebb. Yeah. A former would you call them favors at Highbury? He was good. Pretty good arsenal player. He was very good and went onto Barcelona. He was in there just munching on on a cheeseburger. And that was like the old amid kind of slap in the face to them. You know, right. Like if it was a game of real meaning for Barsov. Like, you don't go sell. Elebrate? Mcdonald's are out in the club. And they're like living it up, but they just went to McDonald's and had burgers like this is just another night. Yeah. Yeah. But that but that Jonathan Lou peace talks about even the way arsenal. Fanta V is somehow just they've all got thousand yard stairs. It's just the life has been taken from this club. I don't mean to pile on them right now. Like, what do they mean? What are they will? You're right. They probably should be. I was gonna say they should be better than they are, you know, a bomb Yang Lakas set. They've got players of richwald and they've got young players like induced coma through right? If got to rare, but just something not right there. And Jonathan says, it's the vision for the club where the club is going..

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