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Serves the boy i am so a there's no way you can like there's no nickname yeah her surrey cease okay okay surf you're listening again review of your little baby headphones hit you rear month old but this is we've we've it nicked mpo assisi moving on to our next item will but a retro dirt love it a letter written by madonna and in the nineties is now up for auction ramp and in it she shit talks sharon's to canal gregan behind you may end she also shit talks whitney houston and she calls them both mediocre which like i like a lotta madonna songs in but to like colleague whitney houston mediocre compared to like you and your madonna and you're not a very good singer and that's that's absolutely bonkers especially lake 90s whitney houston get in comparison to lake 90s madonna arguably probably both of their strongest at madonna and i are not as well acquainted as i am with whitney shor i'm guessing that the 90s whenever this letter was written was probably they they were both sort of nearing their peak yeah it was right on the arm erotica okay of ham and this was like a letter who that was posited to be written to johnnie knows who was the actor she was dating at the time and it is full shit full of shit i mean if we want to read a little bit of this letter i would love to yeah i want to hear you the tulsa tones of my leasing just reading her came now i have made so many people angry that i'm being punished and basically made to be quiet and sit in a corner while other less interesting and exciting people are reaping the benefits of the roads i've paved maybe this is what black people felt like when elvis presley got huge the e.

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