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Hey guys you're listening to the most captivating podcast and i tunes that's right the elite man podcast return average men into a leap man every day read over the very best experts from the lifestyle health fitness social even entrepreneurial world and with their help we give you some of the best advice on the planet subscribe now if you haven't already and enjoy the show ano yeah if you really enjoy it leave us a review on today's episode episode number one hundred sixty four entitled how to optimize your health and fitness by testing your genes i chat with dr dan reardon dr dan reardon is a medical doctor personal trainer and the co founder and ceo of fitness jeans one of the world's top fitness dna testing companies in today's episode dr ridden talks about how we can optimize our health and fitness by looking at our jeans and making changes to our lifestyle based on what our genes tell us he covers the incredible science behind gene testing epigenetics what some of the most important genes to test for our and what my personal dna tests actually reveal about me if you're wondering how your genes can help you optimize your health and fitness goals how you can personalize your lifestyle optimize your health and what my personal jeans actually tell me about my health and fitness aspirations check this episode out now you're going to love it also dr dan was nice enough to provide a thirty percent off coupon if you guys are interested in getting a dna test yourself you can use the coupon code elite thirty at checkout hey if you haven't signed up for the elite man newsletter yet go to elite men magazine dot com slash newsletter this is incredible news editor which helps you become the best man you can be every single week we give you the best tip strategies and techniques for helping you master your personal social and business life and give you exclusive content not seen or heard on the podcast or anywhere else that's elite man magazine dot com slash newsletter sign up right now and now eight word from our fen task.

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