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One of the spoken to Chris Blackwell on the phone a couple of times and I'm just remembering acoustic. Tom WAITS TO ORLAND. When lecture had given up on actress on giving up flew to L. A. TO TALL ON KATHLEEN. His Wife. Another service is pretty significant. Swordfish trombones comes. I mean I don't know that there are many other labels would have empowered an artist like whites to make a record last on commercial. Yeah I it's it's he had some. Such huge hits like a bankroll of his risk-taking. How how many other labels did that hard because you find the you? U2 that makes you millions and you comments that money imaginative gallon you net. The list of acts on island is just so diverse is incredible to an and real quality in also to different fields. You Know Quality African Music Quality Jamaica Music Quality British Music Quality American music. And that's remarkable in of itself the able to find and have confidence in his discoveries to that degree and see through. I mean the one thing about he had real concerned about quality of everything they released from the work to the production. Unfor- example my only up. His first major hit was the backing track was recorded. Now wasn't actually that was recorded entirely in London. My boiler pump things that reggae records didn't have string sections and things on it. He thought about every aspect of what he did. He hide some of the best engineers and the best record when it wasn't him himself producing he had the best. I mean like all the great mogul. The secret of a successful mobile is the delegation is finding talented talented people to bring in the office. You know so you look at them like Joe Boyd. You look at some like Richard Williams. There's a Guy Conway who ran Orland publishing who's really important and actually played a big part in bringing white some to island so a big part of finding the great great loss of Alex Saad can. Who's absolutely just one of the best engineers and co-produces around that time was basically responsible sounds great strengths albums talking about this is actually unlinked segue into sparks a piece that we're features partly spots feature. Which is Lenny Kaye? Writing Abou- island records in nineteen seventy five for hit parade Costs one of the great American In the process becoming Ready Possumus Guitar Point. So it's a still living comission to island. It's explaining why island is now sort of from him from an American perspective. The coolest label that you know it used to be. Electra was reprieved for a bit. Even all had a moment when they were sowing you know. Liberating David Bobby and he pumping. But now he's saying island is is Kinda the hippest label along with the artists of course talks about Roxy Music on Richard Wins in signing music to Ireland. And then he he mentioned of course sparks get who's who are one violence biggest tax at this point and so we're talking about vaults because they have a new album out. I mean. This was gonna be this this magnificent year for spots with a new album a tour and documentary. has Scuppered the whole plan. But the have released released latest. Got A wacky album. Much is cooled a study Have on about rights centers of pace which is essentially an interview with role mile from just a few weeks ago about the new album. And just in jeering eccentricity of Rome and Ross Mile. Did you remember your first exposure to spall? I didn't love him yeah. I think that I thought we'd I'd seen enough quirky shit over the previous to last me a lifetime. They were instinct pair roads. One of them looking more or less like Hitler looking across Charlie. Charlie Charlie and I found the music a bit to some herky-jerky doesn't make any sense. There's IT's a fossilizing little story and we did just the other day the very earliest piece we have on sparks from seventy two which is the late and lovely man. Andrew Tyler interviewed them for disk. Can somebody to YEP and so. They've to this point they're still ally and Denver band. Yeah they're burnt and they've made one album with todd rundgren told to albuque- Grossman assigned to the least imagine anti very funny about the an has almost suggest this. No this idea of of the male brothers coming to woodstock and having a handbook and nine dollars to the album's restaurant is album. Who called them? Speedy suggested they'd be called. They were called Half Nelson. That's right and he said Gee should be called sparks for. I mean I don't really quitting Ron but Marx brothers and they reminded him of the Marx something and then then false fullwood from Andrews piece and they come to London and they source of they coined. Hitch them their wagon to the whole glam thing. That's going on there. Yeah I mean we scrape tip coming up this Rahmael talk about precisely that about coming to London. It's great stuff. This was was just about big enough for the both of speaking.

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