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I got songs about sex i that song about you know motivating yourself i am sounds about you know obviously lovin breakup and all that make up on a good stuff so you just get to do a little yellow more freedom yamama younger of course i am thirty one years old will yukogo owner arkom ahead sex at fifteen wow yeah other she pig i mean like any other mother she wasn't surprisingly she wasn't angry because of the way that she found out was through a like a a hating friend of girlfriend of ibm and dassault did not appreciate when he found out and she we always is that a really great relationship and and so we sent now we talked about it and you know unfortunately the way that it happened from my person was not it wasn't that great it was actually really terrifying for me or their yes so now i wasn't that it will have a really uncomfortable situation i won't it's not you know rape or anything also wasn't that but it was very uncomfortable um and i was in another great situation but my mother is has always been very vocal very transparent who like a never like you know hit anything from me so we always have the kind of look at your father i don't think she time initially sector remember when i was like probably early early twenties who she will kill me early twenties but we definitely had a a conversation and how other bonanza kick me out no k we how but like i said she is very likely it all out on the table like when once i became grown is like these things are what goes down woman october's asian wall 'cause i was like a a now a like a wounded olds when i was i mean listen yeah basically we all be now we all been you're going to go i'm not going to be the pope home not going on here right there you go about your mom not gonna give you all the trickle your marigot really you think you're married open about war to keep the thirty is i mean i'm a that i.

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