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Jimmy buffett i don't know what they did they kind of messed it up a little but i think it's going to have a tour natalie it's it's not dead totally right going to go out on tour and actually i believe that they're going to be forming at the national fireworks fourth of july celebration in dc can do better than that i thought it was going to be a big still be right here they knew at very quickly another show coming to broadway we are keeping our eye on the share show musical about share it opened in chicago last week the reviews are kinda nixed for it but they have a lot of time to pull it together problem is the review said the best part of the show bob mackie's costumes geno those outrageous camp costumes that mackey share well there are three different women who play share at various stages of her life is young share there's sunny and share share and then their share the pop diva so so my fingers across because i have a lot of friends working on that show we hope they pull the share show together before it comes to new york all right when we come back you're not gonna believe what some cops were called because of what some kids were doing another this our last segment every every day is the outrageous stuff so this is an outrageous story coming up but let's check on traffic with sydney way hey michael and joe watch out for delays on these sound cross bronx by jerome avenue the left lane is out with an accident also george washington bridge outbound upper level with roadwork taking the right lane until two thirty hitting inbound things are looking pretty good ten to fifteen in at the lincoln both directions the holland tunnel about twenty twenty five both ways alternate side parking rules aren't effect and on long island sconsin highway with the closure both ways in the.

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