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Another offering on the way fastball michigan ninety two that time of the gun from tony debris three and one a hitter scout here for a dangerous bat of the plate stevenson's lee the guy who i her today on interviews with reporters say he kind of modeled his swing watching a lot of mike trout and giancarlo stanton back in the day here's the three one and a check swing he taps fowler the columbia dugout both right handed hitters course but sensibly says the follow through he has on his swing is inspired by the of course now yankee and premium power slugger giancarlo stanton senseless the closest thing to john carlos stanton may be in the entire south the power he's got three to garcia goes through the legs of the catcher sanchez edgar who had a great jump is up to third unopposed he might have been in there safely anyway allie sanchez a great defensive backstop you don't see a lot of states like that all too often it'll be a walk and a stolen base essentially and garcia respectively reuters to the corner should want away the brel not really wanting to challenge the big power hitter and now here cubs dalton blazer charleston's first baseman back in the cleanup spot after he was on the bench yesterday just as a precaution wore a pitch on the side of his right knee in game two of the double header on tuesday night but no deal stint for dalton he is in good health is he stands in here from the left hand side trying to get him sway out of a slump you will take one up above the letters for ball one old for his latch twenty three that is brought his average down to one forty five this year had a big spot here to try to swing his way out of it was really barely enough symbols over the weekend here's the one and he takes it up high and away and a couple of ice batting practice sessions today look really confident up there the hits just haven't been fallen forum lately trying to bring home garcia who stands at third with the acting river dogs manager dan fiorito centrally at first aid to oak out to the california product here's the pitcher to brown and it paints the.

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