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Yeah it was quite a show throw ride robbed obviously welcome to the jungle of just sina not what we all hoped would happen but we see her boobs a lot though we did get to see a big boobs which is never a bad thing dave just walked in so it's dave coley myself and casey joining you this monday crew crew hi everybody davis back from being in charlotte feeling a one hundred percent but look pretty good but looking pretty good trying to get like rubber rowdy legalize in different states all you got to address like the pilot oh this guy's big time when he walks in with my suit i i need another soup let's get that right on it's you have a million of them but they're all like very flamboyant then you don't wanna go into a boxing commission meeting and like basically shove money down their throat million dollar man style because you'll never get approved even this suit that i wear this gray one too fancy i don't have like a about the brown one that you are doing more transit's brown brown course rates anti but this portion horseracing suits i have like bright like kentucky derby i've a purple suit a brown suit of a blue suit that i look divine in but it's like very fancy very tight i mean i think this is it's a it's a great it's a great students at this is a this isn't just a gray suit does that nice gray suit this is like this guy's a little title that anybody would presume to think that you have shitty suits so suits.

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