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John and ken show john kobylt and ken chiampou kfi am six forty we'll check it out after five o'clock the continuing revolt by some residents of korea town about this proposed homeless shelter that they wanna plop down on south vermont when following this story for weeks the latest development is a lawsuit against her western city council president in the city councilman good at district this is great whatever takes to slow them down that's what they're trying to do it would be talking to an attorney representing some residents after the news at five o'clock though neighborhood has to put up with the government forcing insane drunk and drug addicted vagrants yeah and for the other big story jaywalk concerns the topic of criminal illegal immigrants the orange county sheriff's department made an announcement today about how many offenders they released in a five month period beginning this year that they couldn't notify ice about and guess what a number of them reoffended with some serious crimes some violent felonies some attempted murders that's the big five o'clock hour on the john and ken show so now listener discretion is advised we will pause listener discretion is advised with somebody gonna shoot themselves this comes from the weirdo desk no but you know what it's the category of oh god this is bad how come i didn't think of this before we've told you in the last year with.

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