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Outside of that. There's a little bit of window for flexibility but it's generally eggs hash browns chilli cheese. And then if you have some kind of meet the ones that ursula were actually modeled after a hybrid of the ones that my mom would make us all the time. And my favorite place in albuquerque called golden pride. It's it's really weird. Drive through fried chicken slash brio joint. But they have the best breakfast burritos in the best tortillas and you said new mexican chilli's specifically and i'm assuming some other ingredients have some sort of necessary source saying how do you source your ingredients at yet so the chilies come from two different places. And a lot of people. Associate new mexican chilli's with hatch. Chilies and hatch is a mexican chilly. But that's like the the most popular one. It's kind of like the valley of california. Virtually my favorite chilies. Come from just outside of albuquerque in a place called lemme start. But i can't get those all the time so we get our chilly from zia hatched green chili company and then use blue corn. And juniper ask for some other pastries. I get them from. Navajo owned agricultural companies in northern mexico. And my mom because it's kind of hard to ship five hundred pounds of beans out to brooklyn every month which this doesn't make it any easier but it makes more cost effective. My mom actually drives up to farmington to go straight to the farm she picks up a truckload of beans stores them in a garage and ships me like a hundred pounds of beans every two weeks. Wow this is really a family affair. Yeah it it really is an. She's ships my red chili powder to shout out to eric's mom yes. She does all the hardwork. Sabrina in the october issue. We also feature one of the dishes on your menu. it's called leah's cabbage and it consists of roasted cabbage. And do we sausage and hot honey. I know that greg is the chef here. But if you don't mind walk us through the dish so you gave a great description. Thank you on top of that. It's roasted cabbage With a we make pork next. We're in the south so people that are like pork belichick. You know it's pork dish and it's delicious. You just get out the flavor of the pork by making that start adding some cram to it and then and do we sausage the hot honey so it's very popular dish. People come there just to get that dish. Actually that is liz cab. What's not li as cavalier used to make cabbage. That was amazing. That had sausage in it was sweet. It had a little honey in it. She used to make it all the time before she passed. And so greg was like. I'm going to try to make her a cabbage. So he makes it. Greg's mom comes down the first day we open and she tasted and she said baby that was so good. It's not your sisters but it's good. Yeah the interpretation. You were talking about earlier where he's really taking the taking the nostalgia and making it his own. Yeah cabbages huge for us. Down in the south black folks. We make cabbages like every week. Sometimes you'll grab my may throw a pot of cabbage on on a wednesday so it's the massage at definitely identified with that when he said. The burritos are nostalgic for him cabbages. us yeah and some people think of cabbage is like diet food or whatever but that's not how it is down there. I know that for sure at the pork nick. I'll be. I'll be by next. Yeah exactly. I've all about that hot was telling them i was coming to brooklyn for another and i told them i'm gonna go to my husband and i will be there. Yes please say hello. I'm there every day. I wanna burrito now spicy food. I don't eat spicy food. My husband does. But i'm gonna eat it because like to eat food. How it comes with to get all the flavor so i generally do not condone this behavior. But you can get it without the chili now. I don't buy chef suggestion. You know special requests. Get it as it comes okay. All right that that order doesn't come with the site. I but if you get it the way it comes it's ursula. Herself actually came to visit ursula a few weeks ago. And oh my god saw this. Were you nervous. I yes no I was nervous to have that many people in my apartment. That's really what it was about. She was living it up. She got dressed up to go over there for lunch in all way and a bunch turquoise and she wanted to go meet all the customers and go tell them who she was. Oh my god. I love it. I love that. Yeah she loved it and my niece came and worked in the kitchen for like fifteen minutes and boss everybody around. So what did you think she. I was a little nervous because my grandma Is very much like what you were saying. It's not your sisters. But i was like what does she have to say and she was like. This is just like home. You did such a good job. That's so sweet. Now she only good review. You need yeah is. She was able to get her flowers while she's here. That's so important. yes dope. Did they become so before. We get back into our interview. With sabrina and eric. We're going to check in with someone else who we highlighted in our restaurant issue. And that's jeff. Mike carter of down north pizza in philadelphia so down. North business model is really interesting. They employ formerly incarcerated. People giving them culinary opportunities at a fair wage and the goal is really to embrace the barriers to employment that many people face after they've been incarcerated another notable thing about dan north and about chef carter is that he puts pineapple on his pizza which is very controversial but he has some strong opinions. About how exactly to do it if you're going to do it. And why he thinks. It works chef mike. Welcome to the show. Thank you very me okay. So let's get right into it. I'm sure a lot of people are already rolling their eyes and fast forwarding because they just cannot with the idea of pineapple on pizza. I'm more open minded. Please convince the skeptics that this is something that they should really reconsider. Oh man what can i say. A love. pineapple. The sweetness law tartness understand like that was with really makes people approach with a little bit of reserves so we caramelized pineapple down near candy. We throw it on a pizza. Here at downer. How do you do that when a pain with a effect which uses butter in sugar and just let iraq until his own will. Candy is the karmapa. sugars start to break down a little bit and it kind of pushes back. Tartness that you get when you bite into a raw pint. That's a total game changer. Okay so pre cooking the pineapple so that it gets kind of candied and then you put that on the pizza before it goes in the oven or at the end we put it on before it goes into the oven. So start my base with four cheese blend and it's a barbecue beef bacon pieces so The saltiness of in a in effect from beef bacon kind of mary's with the the sweetness of the pineapples and his beautiful to to wait like the fat comes off bacon. Kinda like glazes over the pizza. We finish it off with a barbecue sauce. House may barbecue sauce drizzle and some pickle jalapenos. I like the call. The trinity get the saltiness. And then you get. The spiciness filipinos in the sweetness from the pineapples. It works 'cause you're balancing out with those other flavors in the fat and the tang. Tell me you said beef. Bacon why facon taken will first and foremost of philadelphia too big muslim population philadelphia. I would say probably half work customer basis for slow in almost myself so like philadelphia beef. Bacon is the thing if you like beef jerky. I'm suddenly usa game changer..

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