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That was also game crazy match dubious refereeing decisions on both sides this which this year we saw what happened before that and i'm sorry to go back to this when he was at byron in new zealand knocked out in the semi finals in my opinion in least to those three seasons they did more than enough to win those games i don't think you can look back and say you know they deserve to go out this year and last year against monaco i think is different i think for whatever reason he got it wrong he's breath always talk about if you look at team became a member of the monitor this is exactly what you get we pay the ola you know bob alone did go on and win the champions league play in this way as he ever gonna win again playing that way the only thing you do know is that he's not going to change and the thing you've got you've got to give him credit for that with we you just you say that you can't just go although attack from the stop to the finish unless unless you'd is good as that boss alona site hampson a very very smell they small chaudhry change it tonight you put bernardo silva on the flank he switched to it to a back three this idea that he's open it's dan for the first leg of course you've got attack but you get three hundred.

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