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I was very stressed out. So i really was intentional. About like finding small finding small moments of in pockets of joy of like sitting on a park bench breathing in fresh air and even now like during cova. It's like really wrote leaning on these small little sparks of of this feels lovely like this feels hard expanding an opening like just nice rather than like in. It's different compared to like that kind of What is it that hit of dopamine that we get when we're on instagram blackhawk. I wanna dislike scrolling. See the next thing and see the next thing because like that. Is that kind of addictive. Like fleeting feeling of like over. I'll just watch one more video. I'll just watch one more real wild one more dick doc whereas like joy to me is that like it's like my heart relaxing of like. Oh yeah cool. Like yay in. An appre is an appreciation of like the current moment for me. Yeah for sure. I so resonate with that when you were talking about like. Oh it's different from the dopamine hit. You got on instagram tiktok or whatever because to me that's more of like a like a brain a brain hit of like yes. This feels good right now. Right in the moment. And then i'm probably going to withdrawal later. It's gonna feel bad. Yeah but joy is replenishing the joy is more of that soul that soul hit instead of breen. Hit all those. I have goosebumps. I love that i love. I love that. I love that so much. That is so accurate. I it's like. Yeah it's it's a hit for your heart rate like i don't wanna make it sound like a drug because it's not but when i say. Hey this means that initial like like you said your heart relaxing like that. Ooh yeah what is this and yeah. I've definitely also framed in that. Like pockets of joy. Kind of way of really. If we're willing we can cultivate joy wherever we are because is yes even luke sitting in this room that i'm an it's like oh the sun is shining through my window..

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