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Check these pictures in our instead you want to know what we're talking about check out our news ninety six five Instagram is yet to come out all right do you happy Halloween CERN is twelve five now here news ninety six point five W. D. B. L. I get your weather any traffic every six minutes during your afternoon drive record he expected across central Florida on this Halloween Thursday getting up to ninety one degrees for today with a heat index in the mid in the upper nineties there's a twenty percent chance for showers we should be dry for most of the trick or treat our tonight the morning low tomorrow down to seventy one cold front arrives tomorrow bringing some fall changes it will be cooler for your Friday the high down to seventy nine I'm gentle I meteorologist rusty Becker and right now we are looking and eighty three degrees in downtown Orlando we've got eighty four now in sunny Orlando severe weather station during daughters here's a touch purity triple team traffic happy hollow we worry how little we nice Halloween drive so far I for western make merry all the way to the four twenty nine I for is just a tap of the brakes past five thirty five then you're good through downtown into seminal county versus sailing on the beach line the four oh eight and the four seventeen maybe it's time to go ring shopping eBay has lots of rings earrings championship rings even the big ring she'll love and eBay always has the best selection at a price you'll love traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning we're helping you get to work on time I'm door don news ninety six point five W. D. B. L. yeah rather appropriate house Democrats moving the impeachment process into the next phase with the vote this morning so we're asking you again political charade or a legitimate process.

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