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Nine AM to one PM. And then he came in and you or the new came in and at one pm to five pm with Jim Lampley. Yes. Who were the partners on the morning shift with John will Jim Mora was one of them, correct? Who is the other guy? And by the way you saw these guys every week Ray Smith. That's right. Hey, you got most of them race relations. Yeah. VR. No VR God. Yeah. Billy Wright, well done. That's that's the game. So I, I knew most of it most just miss check. I'm actually impressed. Okay. Let's see. I've got a game. Okay. Jay. This game is called deliver not to love that. It's the question. I've got five pairs of celebrities someday to divert your eyes. Some dated and some of these relationships are totally made up. I've got nine of these nine of these so it is Kirk versus Greg. Helen Mirren and Liam Niessen were they ever together. I. Yes, they were Greg says. Yes, I say. No. And Greg gets that right thing. We're again. Wow. All right. George Clooney and Juliana Margulis were they ever together Kirk? Yes. Who see that one says, yes, I'm gonna say no. Greg is up two to nothing ever work again, who who's, who's the woman who got the head the baby by just recently his wife. All my Molly. Yeah. Okay. Okay. See I'm getting right? Yeah. All right share and Tom Cruise were they ever together? They this has to be a trick. I'm gonna say no though, but it has to be a trip. Crushes no Kirk. I think I'm gonna go no as well. I don't I don't think she's share. Tom Cruise that you guys are both wrong. They see they know she had great things to say about him to early twenties. Yeah. Early a real I see. My eyes in my mind is locked on the couch jumping, and Kidman Meryl Streep and Robert Duvall, Meryl Streep and Robert Duvall. It go with Kirk. I. Meryl streep. I, I would say, yes. Yes. Seems like right around the right time..

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