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Twenty US campaign to make sure president trump is re elected to a house committee was briefed on that CBS is Paul reed says president trump is said to believe Democrats who pushed impeachment will use that against him house speaker Nancy Pelosi intelligence chairman Adam Schiff they have accused the president of once again the warning efforts to stop Russian meddling they've also accused him of politicizing the intelligence community the reaction to these briefings by both sides of the aisle is relatively predictable house Democrats they're calling for additional hearings or more briefings where Republicans are out there trying to question and maybe so doubt about some of this intelligence president trump meantime tweets that he has for great candidates for his new director of national intelligence democratic voters will have their say in tomorrow's Nevada caucuses CBS is that key for Los Vegas after a tough debate performance this week Michael Bloomberg is scheduled to be off the campaign trail in the coming days preparing for next Tuesday's debate but senator Elizabeth Warren once again called on Bloomberg to release former employees from non disclosure agreements if he's not willing to remove those gags and left those women and maybe those men talk then he is disqualified from being president for it is facing the wrong questions about whether she can turn things around in Nevada CBS's Cammy McCormick tells us they're hopeful developments in Afghanistan is the US and Taliban take new steps a peace deal could be signed next Saturday in del ha the reduction in violence will begin tonight in Afghanistan and closely monitored by the U. S. commander there secretary of state Mike Pompeii who was traveling and all mine made the announcement early this morning and said he hopes the Afghans will seize this moment this could also lead to a reduction in US forces there's no sign things are going to ease up anytime soon in the place where the corona virus got its deadly starts CBS is Deborah pattern in the crisis at the center of Wuhan millions of being in love down for nearly a month now British citizen Kanna reed is trapped in the city where he told us wartime measures are in place you can only go outside briefly every three days and food has to be ordered by Rick group messaging system we use all our food on that platform and then from that they get delivered to the central community there was a rough morning commute parts of.

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Afghanistan, Kanna Reed, Wuhan discussed on Armstrong and Getty

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