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Comprehensive coverage newsradio nine fifty W. W. J. they've already been dealing with a difficult situation and now all art van stores in Michigan Ohio Indiana Illinois and Missouri are closed effective immediately pickups are gonna continue though through Sunday but using social distancing and hand sanitizer the distribution center operations will only continue art van which recently filed for bankruptcy says still communicate with customers shortly mall owners often centers temporarily closing up shop but two of its shopping centres in response to the spread of the corona virus the closing all malls except to that is that includes Great Lakes crossing outlets and twelve oaks mall in Novi the close at the end of the day today though at least through March twenty ninth should we be allowed companies to help weather the economic storm or the people W. W. Davis news editor Marie Feldman reporting that there's a push to do the latter Peter Nigro professor professor of finance at Bryant university in Rhode Island and a former federal government economist argues the most important thing to do is to put money in the hands of the people not big business but the people so they'll go out and support local businesses he says the power of the consumer has to be preserved that'll help the economy in the long run again that's business editor Marie Feldman this as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is proposing direct payments of twelve hundred dollars per person and twenty four hundred dollars per couple part of a sweeping Republican response to the corona virus this according to a copy of legislation obtained by the Associated Press just about an hour ago again this being put forth by Republicans on Capitol Hill stay tuned of course we'll be checking back from Washington throughout the evening here on W. W. J. meantime newsradio nine fifties Mike Campbell asking the question can social distancing go too far our distance is noticeable even when you're behind the wheel finch Fidel was making the long trip back from Florida to hail Michigan and noticed I noticed no eye contact with the social distancing now people are not even looking each other to say hello because if I breathe out then you're breathing in and that's a little over the top I think we can still be cordial to each other since the CDC has recommended washing hands and social distancing as the main ways to flatten the curve of the corona virus spread a number of efforts have popped up to relieve the isolation get all your corona virus coverage on our website at W. W. J. newsradio dot com Mike Campbell W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty in the world of sports Sean Payton of the saints now confirmed to have corona virus we'll check in with Ryan Woolley he has the rest of sports in two minutes Hey Greg I'm so sorry to hear about your brother's heart attack thanks he's okay now but it really got me thinking about my family you know could my wife still pay our mortgage if I had a heart problem okay my kids to go to college that is really scary yeah you should come my life insurance agent health IQ when I got life insurance for my family last year these save me forty one percent versus any other company I looked at.

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