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Have to, uh, again. A lot of people going to vote. It's a you vote. No. Uh, if you want him to stay in office You vote? Yes to recall him. So a lot of people gonna get confused by that They're going to vote. Yes, they want. They want him to stay in office. So there is some confusion on how the ballot languages word. And then if he gets 49% Or less. He's out. And then you have, like, four. You have Larry Elder, by the way, leaving the polls right now you have John Cox. You have Kevin Faulconer, the mayor of San Diego, and then you have Bruce Caitlyn Jenner, which is a joke. But you got, uh right now, Um, it is Larry Elder leading with about 2023% of the vote. He could be the next governor. California with about 25% of the vote based on this recall, so that's why the glory older is going to win. I really do and boy that would be great because and then he would be able to appoint, uh, if defy something happens to her wishing that but If she decides to retire. Then it is the governor who appoints, and then that there goes the Senate tie, which so yeah, keep our fingers crossed. That would be the first shot heard around the world. But back to this vaccine passport thing. In England. They're going to mandate Covid 19 vaccine passports for nightclubs and large venues. Hawaii has already rolled out the vaccine passports at restaurants, bars and gyms. And there's a big protest in Waikiki against this tyranny. But here in Maryland, Montgomery County is the first jurisdiction that I'm aware of the talk about implementing vaccine passports. The Democrat Montgomery County executive Mark L. Rich last week emphasized the need For implementation of Vaccine passport program, he says, to help reduce the spread of the delta variant quote. It is clear to me that we're going to avoid that. If we're going to avoid these cases and avoid watching this spin out of control like it did last fall, we have to implement a vaccine passport program. When cases are higher. There's more anxiety about exposure. This hurts businesses have already had a miserable 18 months. He says that this would be a boon to restaurants and in the other indoor business where people are reluctant to go indoors. Because of the quote unquote pandemic of the in vaccinated, but But he is not factoring in is of Israel and governments lying about overreacting. We'll get to that. On the other side of the news, the Rolling Stone nonsense over the weekend, Rachel Mad Girl got completely taken in a Duke by that one. But here we go. In Israel. They are the most vaccinated, uh, country in the world. In fact, and what we now know is that by the way in Israel, um most the media's blacking out the developing disaster in Israel, they're the most action to the country in the world. They all got the fighter vaccine. At first deaths and hospitalizations went to almost zero. And Israel declared victory over the virus. But then everything changed. And now a massive CCP virus outbreak has engulfed vaccinated Israel hospitals are full people are dying at this moment. Israel the most vaccination nation in the world. Has more CCP virus infections per capita than any country in the world. Have you heard that anywhere else in the media? Of course not. At this moment, 2/10 of percent of the entire population of Israel is catching CCB virus each day. The past week has been the worst week for the CCP virus. And this is unfortunate because the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah, and a happy new year to our Jewish listeners. La Shana Tova. But right now, this is just an unfortunate timing. Israel is now sending records were vaccinated. People in the hospital deaths are skyrocketing, and this is because the We've done the studies before the viral loads of the vaccinated. They don't get sick and they don't always you know, die but they do spread it. They shed it and spread it 251. Times the viral load than the average unvaccinated person and spreading this virus so again, does it make sense to require vaccine passports and have all these people in the Pfizer vaccine is waning? So far. We know we don't know about the Moderna. But right now that's a major issue. Alright, so call us. Let us know. How are you going to participate in the vaccine Passport program. I know that I'm going to opt out. I'm not going to do anything. In that in that regard our friends rescue natural supplements want a big sale going on..

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