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From the athletic and the opener podcast joins us. Now to talk about the early stages of the baseball season, by the way, his guest tomorrow on that podcast Roger Clements. Nice. Get join we'll get to the Yankees in a second. But I I know you in Goff used to do some work on a weekly basis. I heard a rumor that at one point you thought he was a former athlete. So this must have been years. Ago. Oh, well, he was. You know, I love speaks. But the pick one of the Hawaii. I don't know. A lot has changed since then. Kids all kinds of odds hair. Yeah. I'm a totally different person. I've got a four month old, and I'm not exactly in the highest of shapes either. I understand that the in the end. I'm always the former athlete on all my shows. So that's good. Yeah. Let's get to the Yankees and Red Sox. They're starting their first series against each other this season Yanks have another injury with Greg bird. I Bohm Silla Justin to sing I l instead of D L, but tell me about the keys and there, I l issues are they a lengthy concerned. Or is it something that you feel like when everybody gets back in their this team will be fine while they go to and guy on the I L, and it's a problem because these are significant players Severino. We're talking about Stanton. We're talking about Sanchez. We're talking about some really good players. And you know, the bottom line in the Aley is that unfortunately, the small-market Yankees and Red Sox looking up at the juggernaut unbeatable massive market team that is Tampa Bay unstoppable raise. So that's where we're at right now, the Yankees and the Red Sox are, you know, they're in a hole and granted it's very very early season..

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