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Mics throughout the show. And, of course, your opinions always appreciated at 844. 58 Oh, 93 to 6. That's 8445809326. I'm gonna start on a Thursday night edition the same way we started last Thursday night, and that is with Governor Iran to Santa's Florida governor Ron De Santis. I feel as if I've built this show. As a pro Ron de Santa show, and I want to make sure that I start with that because last week At least bumped up against some of his policies. But I think that the vaccine passports with the cruise industry It's an interesting hill honestly to die on. If you want to get the industry going But I understand why. I? I think the governor Rhonda Santa's handled the Covid response correctly, Despite mounting pressure for lockdowns, he kept our economy going throughout the pandemic. He has been a very good leader for the state of Florida. I'm a De Santis fan. But I got to call him how I see him on this show. Last week. We talked about that in this week. I'm going to get to something because I He break. He did something this week. That brings to question the role of government in our education system. So The week started out very good for Governor Ron de Santas. Building his brand in the Republican Party, right? You want a straw poll in, uh, let's see. He won the straw poll in Denver right on Saturday, getting 74% of approval, finishing first in that straw poll. He finished first Trump finished 2nd 71% Ted Cruz finished with 34%. So right now, as it looks. Governor Romney. Santa's, albeit June of 2021. Is one of the favorites to gain The Republican nomination for president. For the 2024 election. As I said, it is a June 2021 straw poll. We got a long way to go here. And former President Donald Trump really isn't even in the race yet. A minute that he gets into the race. Things are going to get interesting. Governor Iran to Sanders did an unbelievable job building his brand in the Republican Party. Over the last 68 10 months or so. So I mentioned to Santa's building his brand. And I'll ask something that popped into my head today as I was talking to a friend. Is he doing that? At the expense of the state. Florida. Was talking to a friend of mine today, and he pointed out a law this week Did the Santis signed that is getting rave reviews from the Republican Party. But it looks like it is eventually going to head to court and perhaps get overturned. On Tuesday, he signed House Bill 2 33 in the law. If you don't know what that is, that's fine. I'll explain it because I totally missed it until this afternoon when this friend pointed out It requires more than three dozen public colleges and universities in Florida conduct yearly surveys. Of their students and faculty members Beliefs. To determine the institutions, levels of intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity. So de Santa said the state could intervene if it finds that universities are hotbeds of stale ideology. Without specifying what the ideology is. And he suggested that funding core funding cuts. Excuse me. Couldn't sell. Long story short Governor Ron De Santis wants to make sure that colleges and universities Are teaching beliefs that he believes in Teaching beliefs that he believes that our kids should be learning. And also that they are Places of inclusive thought. I believe in some of that. So The Santas, as I said, and also along with that if universities are not doing that It could Cut funding. As I said, I've been a De Santis cheerleader. Throughout the last 12 months. But I look at this law and it feels like it is clear Brand building brand building for the Republican Party. Let me start by saying I think it is important our colleges and universities to be inclusive. Think your ideas should be accepted. I think there should be open discussion in colleges. I love college so much. I went for five years instead of four. I think students should be offered the opportunity to express themselves freely. College is a time where you can attempt to find your identity and learn about yourself. But Look at this law that de Santa signed House Bill 2 33. Excuse me this bill that he signed House Bill 2 33 into law this week. And I do have a couple of questions. Santos says that this is to protect students against indoctrination. That was the word that was used in the press conference this week, Indoctrination Who gets determined This who gets determined exactly Induct what indoctrination is The Santas. The Florida government. Is there a Is there a panel somewhere of people who gets to decide this? Exactly exactly, And is this just His attempt to continue to push left views out of schools. In hope of creating more room for Republican views. As I said, I think it should be an equal place for everybody. But I don't really know how you control this. Who is setting the standard here? The Governor De Santis has now signed into law. To give the ideas to promote diversity of thought and eliminate environments. Indoctrination should we also Then think about eliminating other areas. That have other benefits for for businesses groups. Where indoctrination maybe President President. What about religious organizations? They get tax breaks. Could make the case There is indoctrination going on there. Not a lot of free thought in discussion in those places. What about surveys for.

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