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You know, they're jaws are dropping wait what about margin? What about it was the best decision? We ever made completely changed the game for us. So that kind of idea came out of someone nothing afraid to say it, and I think when you create an environment where people trust each other. You can do things that you've never expected to do before. This idea of courageous conversations is interesting, and I wonder if there are any hallmarks or signposts, I guess to help people find what the difficult conversation or courageous conversation thing is something that's come up. A couple of times are the markers of that is is it just like something, you know, needs changing. But you don't want to address like is that it, basically? Yeah. I think so I think you kind of know you're supposed to be talking about this. But you just for whatever. Yeah. Nursia sometimes a lot of times just voidance because it's painful, and it's hard like when David White tells a story he talks about his daughter stopping up the stairs and him coming going into a bedroom with a Cup of tea and saying let's just talk about this because we asked him that are so how. Do you have a greatest conversation? And his first thing is changed the conversation that you're in change the conversation that you're in. And it really makes a lot of sense. Whether it's a personal thing people came back from I had one guy that team came back from this session with David White. And it was a great decision because he was it was time for him. He decided that he was going to retire because it was a conversation. He had been avoiding having and he sat down with his wife. And so it was touching. You say is that good or bad? How does that help the business? Well, actually, da is because that allows you to get new talented. Yeah. I mean, so I I kind of look at that. And it's hard with cultural change, right? Because you can't there's no ROI you can directly put on these kinds of things except that you're changing the mindset of a company so that they're prepared to deal with future. That's way, less certain way, less known than in the past. Right. And to me, that's that's sort of CEO's should be doing. It's seems like something that's true. Not just in business, but like in any set of relationship. Like its businesses. Sedimentation ships to that the more you let stuff build up it has weird downstream effects and blockages the probably don't think about. So like ING something under the rug isn't just whipping something under the rug. It's like creating a creative blockage. Elsewhere that as a huge impediment and just avoiding those systems, whether it's conversation otherwise systems for voiding, those kinds of blockages or key. Yeah. Totally. I mean, I think that's it. And I think it's it's you're right. It's just kind of it's kind of a system, and you know, technique to what I learned with that is, you know, not just the courageous conversations in effect that you're having with someone else. But the one that's the ones that you're not having with yourself like that self reflection and even getting the members of my team, it Schnell to sort of think about where they are was incredibly helpful. So I had one guy, for example, who was in marketing, really talented marketer, but his his love and his strength was in the creative process. And I I think I kinda see myself and him and sitting down and ask. Him. Have you had this conversation with yourself? And then eventually him sort of feeling to me, the I'd love to be creative and moving him. And he's now the creative director of the fragrance and beauty area and watches and fine jewelry. So I think these conversations can apply to so many parts of our lives giving people that nudge seems like such a gift, you know. Yeah. How do you think about this introspective process? I guess now versus you know, the rest of your career. I'm always interested by by how that changes through time. We met through the Varghese and Boyd and family are sort of my spirit animals when it comes to this topic. So I'd love to spend a few minutes here on I think about introspection. You know, it's interesting for me. It's always been I guess always since I had a coach at the gaps and not always always..

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