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Live from npr news in washington i'm jim hoc president trump spoke about illegal immigration at the white house on friday two days after he reversed course to stop the taking of children from their parents of the southern border trumpet vited families of loved ones who were killed by criminals who were in the us without permission and went on to claim that other countries are deliberately sending their worst we want people in country based on merit not based on a draw were other countries put their absolute worst and abandoned and they start drawing people were you think they're gonna put their good ones they don't put their good ones they put their bad ones and then when they commit crimes were so surprised the president also said friday that congressional republicans should wait until after the november elections to bring up an immigration bill as of now republican leaders in the house plan vote next week the role of the palestinians remains unclear and the latest mideast peace talks involving president trump's advisors as yan frank reports from tel aviv trump's advisors met with the prime minister of israel president trump's soninlaw and senior adviser jared kushner and his special representative jason green blend met for almost four hours with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem according to the us state department day discussed the humanitarian situation in gaza and the commitment of the trump administration to advance peace between israelis and palestinians a us embassy spokesperson said kushner and green blood did not meet palestinian leaders the palestinian leadership has refused to meet with the trump administration since it decided to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel palestinian seek part of the city for dare capital for npr news i'm young franck in tel aviv the supreme court ruled friday that cell phone location data is private and can't be used by beliefs without first getting a warrant as michigan public radio's rick polluter reports it's being touted as a win for privacy rights in the digital age police in michigan and ohio used cell phone tracking data to follow the movements of the suspected leader of a ring of cellphone thieves authorities got a court order but not a criminal warrant that would have required law enforcement to show probable cause that a crime was committed michael steinberg of the aclu says he's happy with the decision the government can no longer claim that the mere act of using technology eliminates the constitutional protections that americans have steinberg says this is an important privacy protection for anyone using cell phones but also digital assistance and a lot of other modern technology for npr news arm reputa in lansing michigan a mixed day on wall street friday the tech heavy nasdaq closed down twenty points while the dow gained one hundred nineteen points in the s and p five hundred was up five points this is npr news the latest matches of the world cup have been nail biters and brazil got its first win of the tournament npr's alina seljuk reports from russia brazil and costa rica played what appeared to be the first game of the world cup to end without a single goal costa rica stubbornly held off brazil the five time world champion that had yet to win a match here in russia but then the game went into added time and with only a few minutes to.

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