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And I just don't like the fact that you can't be flexible and move and change brokerage account. Like, you're saying see the the brokerage house. Okay. Let's take like TD Ameritrade, for example. So there a brokerage. They make money on whether your money's there or not they make money on your money market deposits. They make money on some of the trading costs. If you see them give like encouraging you to like look at CNBC and download these apps. It's k- keep in mind. Like, some of these brokerages make money when you trade. Yeah. Okay. So the more you trade the happier. They are. So they'd like a lot of they like new free free charts to encourage your trade. Yeah. Like, dude, just as there's a sweet like, here's a look. Because he's candlesticks are candlestick. Yeah. You're gonna love love this just fall into green light red light. Yeah. Follow these in. So that you know, there's some there's some conflict of interest there. But you can pick up and move at any time. Right. You don't like their trade costs move to wab. There's literally like a button you can push. Go to swat, and you open up your name won't even sell anything. It just moves your account all the positions. It doesn't sell in each move to does not cost any money. No, there's no surrender fee for that. Now, just move it. It might cost transfer costs. It might be like thirty bucks or maybe the time. Most of the time because there's nothing sometimes TD Ameritrade will charge. You a small transfer fee for moving your academy, twenty bucks. Yeah. It's not as hand they got, you know, some but most of the time there's not, you know. Yeah. And it's not big enough to deter someone from moving though. Your life insurance companies? Like, yeah, you can have all your money back in do this. It's twenty bucks. I'm Don she. Yeah. But like most of the time it's like, well the first year, you lose all that money. It's gone now. And you'll never get it back. And oh, yeah. Anyway, so you can just move stuff. It's so portable so nice, so easy and that creates competition. Yeah. Because when when consumers have more options, and there's more companies competing for it. And then they know they have to order the other company has to offer better charts and better ten that's why I'm just saying that more for your trade. That's why the insurance company market is not advancing as fast as the rest of the technology in the investment world..

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