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Here's what you need to know about today. Yeah it's it's it's four twenty. We'll get into that in a second but first let's let's talk about some of the other occasions for today It's chinese-language day. Today this was made by the un. Because chinese is one of the six official languages of the un. What are the others. You ask yeah. I heard ya english arabic french russian and spanish a chinese though is the oldest. It's about six thousand years old. It is the oldest language and has about eighty thousand chinese characters. That's why it's so hard to learn. Yeah one of the things with chinese is one in six people speak chinese and they've got the most native speakers in the world so it'd be a good language to learn because you get to talk to one out of six people it's also national lookalike day today and i'm gonna tell you another day that it is and you know. I usually save the birthdays till the end. But it's crispin glover breath day today. He's turning fifty seven. And why do i bring up. Crispin glover and national look alike day at the same time. You ask well. I'm answering a lot of questions for you today. Well it's because in back to the future. that was him but in back to the future to Lower not him yet. I was actually jeffrey weissman in the second back to the future movie. Jeffrey thought that he was getting a gig to be a photo double or a a in he actually was working at universal studios doing the little charlie chaplin thing pretending to be charlie chaplin walking around. They saw him. They said oh this guy kind of looks like crispin glover and see. There's how you tied into national. Look like day so he put them into some prosthetics to make him look even more like crispin and when they put them in those prosthetics they said i think we got crispin without all the troubles. Yeah well okay. So why do they have. Prosthetics of crispin glover hanging around the had it because when they do makeup in hollywood. They'll put these busts of the face and practice on the makeup and make sure that everything is there so that they can continue to do that same single day. Well in this case they used it to put on another actor so that they would look like crispin and therefore they wouldn't have to pay chrispin what he was asking for and really from what crispin says he really just wanted to make what leah thompson was making who was in a similarly sized role. She was playing the mom back to the future but they weren't going to offer him that the rumor has it. That crispin wasn't really happy with the end of the movie. The first film. Because well he punched biff and then all of a sudden that lead to a better life. He didn't like the fact. It violence went and made him. You know rich and all of that. So maybe that's why So anyway yes. This did obviously crispin glover and He didn't like the fact that his face was used. He didn't like the choices at the other actor made and so well he decided to sue. Everybody could That was producing back to the future to and they settled out of court and also there was a new clause put in the screen actor guilds contracts protecting unauthorized uses of an actor's likeness By the way there was another double another look like. Let's say in back to the future to claudia wells. She played jennifer parker marty's girlfriend while she was replaced by elizabeth shue. But this wasn't because of contract issues claudia. Pulled out to take care of her mother who was diagnosed with cancer. All right i know. I went in deep on that. But i love the whole back to the future thing and you can check out more and i didn't mention some the names of the people that were being sued but you can figure that out by doing a really listening to any interview of crispin really likes to talk about this and you can't blame him but yeah there's that and also Jeffrey weissman The guy that played Marty mc flies dad He also does some talks about this as well. So some interesting stuff. Rita checkout But you're not gonna remember any of that because it's four twenty day. Yeah it's a counterculture holiday. Where i say counterculture but it's actually it's kind of becoming more commercialized As more states legalize it for twenty Day started well. We're not really sure 'cause i mean. Think about it. The people were talking about that started. Were smoking pot. So they don't really remember. I guess how it started by. They say that. High school students in the nineteen seventies. Smoke at four twenty. You know twenty minutes after four in the afternoon why well they would get together at that particular time and you know Relax and that's one of the possible reasons for this whole four twenty thing. We're just gonna go with that one because if you're a smoker then you're not gonna really care what the exact source of this is. You're just gonna relax and enjoy your day right. Yeah i know. I went along on this. Don't worry we've got some events to talk about today and we're going to get right into it. Why will because i care. We're we're going to skip the commercial today. Just go right in two hundred events for today Because i wanted to tell the back to the future story on this day in eighteen ninety eight. Us president william. Mckinley signed a joint resolution to declare war on spain. Yeah this started. The spanish american words like a little positive. I thought that was good. It was like the ryan. Seacrest thing on american idol. I didn't go to commercial so that was good. I you says main was actually Well it exploded They weren't sure if it was really like bombs or a mine or whatever it was but yeah guess what that sunk and that was the. Start of all of this really. This was a war inside of cuba because cuba wanted to get away from spain. And yeah we We got this whole thing on this day. In nineteen forty six the league of nations officially dissolves and gives all of its power to the united nations. Which is upsetting. Because i think of the league of nations is just such a cooler name. Got that superhero vibe to it. And i kind of miss that tragic day on this day in nine hundred ninety nine. Columbine high school massacre occurred on this day. The school shooting and attempted bombing was perpetrated by to twelfth grade students at the school. Fifteen deaths including the two perpetrators and twenty four injuries were the result of this incident. The school will be empty today as it is every april twentieth for a day of service in memory of those lost and injured on that tragic day in two thousand eight on this day. Danika patrick became the first woman to win the indy race. Yeah twenty six year old danika. Patrick won the indy japan. Three hundred at twin ring montego in montego japan. I feel like. I'm adding too much like spanish accident to that. I'm probably saying that monty monty. Gee that sounds more like a. i don't know anyway. She one and we all know danika. Patrick and she is awesome. Okay on this day in twenty ten. I love pointing out when i say things on twenty. Ten yeah deepwater.

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