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Four Wisconsin over Nebraska, the final sixty to fifty one the badgers wanted second-half coming up on the UK sports network. Hello. I'm Bill carpenter during the past forty five years. I have completed hundreds of investment real estate transactions in the Louis voyeur recently. I helped the family member close on a residential property. We chose Paul Karen mortgage to handle the financing a complicated purchase of Paul Karen handled flawlessly. The next time you or your societas need mortgage financing. Contact Paul care mortgage, you will be pleased with their professional and superior customer service. Paul Karen mortgage, powered by first savings Bank, member FDIC, equal housing lender. Paul Karen, mortgage dot com. Since nineteen Twenty-three co-ceo charities his shoe children their potential instead of their obstacles. So they see the world is a place of possibility where great things can take flight when you support co-ceo charities you help elevate every aspect of a child's life together. Our kids an entire community can reach new heights. There's so much more. Join us by donating today at dot org forward slash donate. This is leave center with your hosts coach John Calipari and sleep outfitters founder Kim can off Kim for real success. A team needs local support the same can be said for business. Coach local merchants. Like sleep outfitters. Depends on local customers sincere UK grad, a Kentucky native and your company is headquartered. Here sleep outfitters is really Kentucky owned and operated and Kentucky crowd. Sleep foul fitters. Shop local local it's Toyota's all wheel drive season with ten all wheel or four wheel drive vehicles to choose from winter weather is no obstacle. Now through February board you can get a great deal on a new built in the USA Toyota truck, get one thousand dollars cash back on a rugged new two thousand nineteen Tacoma four fifteen hundred dollars back on the full size. Twenty nineteen tundra. Takes fluids. TR pro for all Toyota offers. Z or Toyota dealer or go to buyatoyota dot com. Toyota, let's go places NewsRadio eight forty W H shot twenty five percent..

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