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That's why I like. It was yesterday and I remember it like he's just because my friend Ryan Clark at E._S._p._N.. Was the only player Rep of the steelers dealers who said I will not ratify. I will not vote yes. Diesel is a bad deal. was they signed. It Zeke is paying for it but the rules are the rules. The governing document is that I can't help it and Jerry is ultimately a league man even though he is noise averick Jerry Jerry Jones Jones who always do what's in the best interest dare Jones. It's give yeah he did. He care about Zeke sure after he cared about the but he knows in order to reach the ultimate destination. It needs to be riding that twenty-one pickup okay so I think to one blew it by not going to camp. I'm I know Jerry. I'm I'm GonNa ask you again to demarcus Lawrence hold out for his contract did all those offensive Lineman who got big deals. Did they hold out they did not tomorrow's laws in. Tom will have surge y'all. Don't give me my bread okay. Give me this brand. I'm a hold out and guess what happened and Demarcus Lawrence got it got it don't to give the skill all they're gonNA take you the dollar mortar tog early got ah you know. was that use it. You tell me all the time when we were talking about this when I say Look Okay Z.. Coming up for contract and Daqing Amari Cooper Jalen Smith in Byron Jones use that they'll figure it out figure it out <hes> now let me see stack holding out now well Amari is he. Oh he's in camp what Marcy what did the March Jones he and cancale Oh he's there. Did you remember everybody's there except Zeke did you did you remember that movie they have it was a movie not a movie with a T._v.. Show Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges and Dana Plato it would call different strokes and Amari Cooper oversight is different for different boats. Now Zeke has taken a slide and the family stone song. Do you remember before the T._v.. Shoe way would you is Zeke has taken more hit in his first three years. Then probably Amari will take in his career. Okay got it and I sympathize with. He played that position. Give you know you gotta get your money. You Know Skill Leagues Value Basically Zeke's value from the time you come into the league until he was about about twenty seven twenty eight after that Zeke knows businesses last contract. He knows what the cowboys are trying to do trying to gobble him up on rookie deal him up just like they did demarco Murray just like the steelers try to do beyond bail but maybe I'm band said no no. I'm not letting you putting another four hundred of course my buddy. I'm telling you I know Jerry. This is heading the wrong direction because if you pushed you hard he'll say hell with you. I'll just go with Alfred Morris Horse and you'll say well there goes the Super Bowl and you you're probably right. You're almost certainly right. He fired Jimmy Johnson. He made emit hold out for two real game. That's who you're up again. Misplayed this agent misplayed noted if you go to camp and put your arm around jeering walk off the field arm in arm with him. You're going to get shot faster easier and maybe more you know who these Russ- meal who tried that Anthony Davis because he told them we're not gonNA resigned in the summer but they'll throw it away. He was interacting with his teammates and playing. They're going to where he loves. It here. Compare any of that stuff in New Orleans to Jerry Jones all unskilled. This is a proud Zeke should be has an ego that is you could add up Zeke and back and Amar's ego wouldn't equal the money great. Do you remember because of how often he's had his back and he believes that he's helped him so many times. This is a little bit of a slap in the face when you look like vinegar in the.

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