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Up in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven with his interview with the mayor with the governor of Baja California. Here's more of that interview. Now, as I understand, Dr Bustamente he's saying if we take people who are illegally in the United States and return them to the country of their origin. We are guilty of a hostile act towards the country Arjun. Can you can you? Provide the logic for that conclusion. Well, I didn't write the book Mr. Bustamante wrote it, but so you disavow his statement. I think that the United States is within his rights. But if anyone is within its country. In won't use the word illegal undocumented. Manner. The United States has laws to effect by which they made the port these people. Here that the governor of Baja California very said, well, you know, America has laws, and if they violate the laws America's within their rights to support these people. I think that the United States is within his rights if anyone is within its country in I won't use the word illegal. I will say an undocumented. Manner. The United States has laws to effect by which they may deport these people now that was nineteen seventy seven September fourteen thousand nine hundred seventy seven the governor of Baja California, by the way, he was a native born here, but he's the governor of Baja California. Hey, America has his rights to deport people who are in the country illegally very calmly said that anybody said that right down the democratic side would be called would be the party Republicans would be called racist. However. Reality is showing us that the even though there are existing laws and the existing agencies to. That's all control the entering of. Undocumented Mexicans in the United States. They have not been able to control our fight or stop. So say why because we get back to the source again. These are people who do not have jobs. These are people who must must find a way. The federal themselves. And. When you are in Sussex such position, you look can you find any way by which you can get to where you can find a job and better your economic situation. I think that. At simple. I would like to say. During World War Two was the United States who said send me Mexicans. We need experts to help us on the farm and the industry comments because we need them to help us now during the war, just as we need them just as much as we need our soldiers, wait until bubbly counties this point, so we didn't ask Mexico. Reasons. Well. It was as you know, outstanding. To do. So and we did send under seven. Conscripted? No, all right. We allowed them big difference. Don't you think? And but anyway, the United States this desire, and they were here, and he did help in the last twenty years. They have been accepted. Thank not undocumented workers are aliens are in the United States. And they've been here. The last twenty years why have nothing been done before by the way during this interview. Buckley, put the number of illegal aliens in this country. Eight million eight million the nineteen seventies. Just kidding me. The number as high as twenty or twenty five. I believe it's because it was too advantage of the United States here at the time. It was convenient now situation changed. It's not convenient. I think what you're saying. True. Sweden. Switzerland. Enough to west Germany. Cheap. Brendan. The doors allows people to come. Wait. Question. Mostly. We were talking about the sofa. Oh. Interesting interesting the change. This is the NBA United States. Didn't ask you this access. The responsibility of the state of. Homes. Responsibility to make the homeowner. This is question. The..

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