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In to the Friday edition of the fantasy focus football podcast. What I should have said is Aloha to the Friday dish. Because this is a low ha Friday, let you do you do you in shape and have some sort of not ical plans this weekend. Now, we're going to we're going to her holiday party tonight. We started off with not I was a little nervous. Oh, sure. Fair fair. But now that we're live on Twitter. I have to clean it a lot. So actually the backstory is my dad for those. I think many of the people in this podcast audience know, my dad's from Hawaii and one of the great harbor in Hawaii. I don't. You started school sorta high school at punahou. Which is where Barack Obama went as well finished high school in DC with the boarding school. At that point. He became a stateside, man. He's now lived in Boston for the entirety of his his adult life after go into Haverford college in Philadelphia, but grew up in Hawaii until has deep roots, and certainly like born there you have a special bond with with people his favorite football players. Marcus mariota like his favorite athletes. Have always been players at hail from Hawaii and raise them, nothing, but Donohoe music. Yes, lele. Of course, got it. Right. Understood. Yep. Say you actually knew that rain Spooner is every year. My dad like growing up every year. My my dad for Christmas would always get me rain, Spooner Hawaiian shirt. So it's Christmas season at his time of the year to buy it. And so rain Spooner twenty eighteen addition ear so they are so low how Friday all the way through shout out to pop up. Bill Gates, so yeah, just a just a simple humble man who loves us. Aloha friday. So, you know. Well, show simple. Humble, man. You dare. Henry shadow tall. You guys that managed to start Derrick Henry or all the first place teams that played the the crappy team that just snuck into the playoffs like six and seven and got in like on some sort of like tiebreaker and his all beat up and just had to throw in Derrick Henry because they had no one else in your wake up this morning going like I crushed all season long. And then this like what what what that happened in the league? It's the happen to me. But yeah, I've I've a buddy that that happened to that has the first place team crushed all year long, and is gonna lose. I can't tell you. How many people tweeted the meat last night? And they're like Matthew must be playing again tonight. That's the only explanation for four touchdowns I managed to avoid Derrick Henry, thankfully, and all my playoff. But you know, who did not have that. Yeah. Yeah. You know, who no in all seriousness? You know, who did not avoid scottclark about our friends. Scottclark at all biz. So do we have to redefine what it means to get scottclark? Like, I think God's got Clark. Our our our boss here Seth Markman at Tunas weasel on the Twitter. Started Henry of the league of the war room league him against scottclark in the playoffs. Like the next time set comes down for performance review. And you'd be like field here all the things you need to do better. Just let me set your lineup this day. He apparently is the goat when it comes to fantasy football gave me a lot of games in total. Of course that really quickly just because I want to say this. We did hear back yesterday about ZipRecruiter smarter span the week, we left that open. I just want to solve that right now Andrew ball. That was our former marine that was the we put him up for the week if he wanted it. He said he would take a man's league entry. Instead, it's hip recruiter smarts fan of the week so Joshua. Buck will be this week's ZipRecruiter. Smartest fan of the week. And Andrew Baalbek will be in the man's league. In twenty thousand nineteen okay? Cliff notes version Matthew is we had two awesome entries one which Larry and funny and one which was about how someone would take you to war with him because you would be a great. Outlet for those that are in war. Basically every platoon has a guy that brings intentional and unintentional comedy. And it was like eraser comedies intentional and fairness..

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