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The baseball betting show. Here is your host, Greg Peterson. It's for the baseball betting show with my self great theater so now part of the recent family podcast and you got a tremendous podcast for you today as the second segment. We're gonna be talking a little bit about the NL central with our good friend Matt Polly. He began the year doing both game work for the Milwaukee Brewers radio network now is what this animal is Cardinals radio network over there I can't sport so a big trade deadline acquisition by St. Louis in that aspect. We're gonna be talking about some of the straight deadline acquisitions, not himself, but rather the players out there on the field that have been making a little bit of an impact. What to make out of this race in general, just really the natural playoff picture as a wholesome. We're going to be diving into that with Matt in the second segment and in the final segment. Get to give you guys fix in analysis. Not every game on the betting board for this MOB Monday as we touch them all first things first always do love to be able to answer your Twitter questions on this podcast and if you got one or two ways we hope for those in. First one is my Twitter timeline at June and 41, keep in mind that Sam, Amy doesn't matter, as per usual. We'll use this on these end of the timeline and the other way it is by an an Apple podcast review. If you read this bike as drive starts, it is very much appreciated from there. Arable fire, whatever you'd like to hear on this podcast. If I serve you, really didn't wind up getting into many questions other than what in the world has happened to the New York Yankees. So let's dive into everything that we wanted to see on Sunday. I tried to find some drones and try to get to know these teams a little bit better. A game through yesterday is Greg buzz in a bow. Here is the rowdy recap. Yankees get shot out on Sunday Night baseball in a very rare two hour and 15 minute game between the Red Sox and the Yankees all certainly take it as the Red Sox, get the job done by account of three to zero. James is dying didn't bitch terribly in this one. He does find a giving up home run three runs at total over the course of 7, and he says Rafael levers gets his 25th home run of the campaign, but Michael walker.

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