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And unsteady. And so i used a lot of bowed metal instruments that i cannot play very well so the result is a sort of unsteady staggering. Feel and then. It's this as the show goes on and the music and the storyline. Get more epic. I did start using more orchestral. Sounds but using things. Like for instance digital samples of strings are playing vibrato but slow down so it normally would sound like didn't in but when slow down goes rarer and has that element of staggering unsteadiness to provide. Even once mendome character is fully recovered. I still wanted to have that. Wobbly factor in the musical score and so that was something that carried through from the beginning of the series when it's all very unsteady staggering even to the end when things are big and epoch. There's still those type of sounds are still very much a part of the score now. This is pretty much just one just a limited series at this point. So how your conversations were they mostly would night about what to do and that kind of thing you know is really mostly with auction rajon. Who was nights kind of deputy on the on the thing and also with chad hodge. Who was one of the main driving forces behind it. And they kind of had the they they knew it was gonna go and so they were the ones who had the most intimate knowledge of how we should approach things and what we wanted to hint at and wanted to not reveal in elements the musical score but they were the ones who came up with the idea of. There's a little three note vocal sound that happens in the main title theme and a couple of times in the first episode. And it was. I sean and chad. Who would throughout all the episodes would say. Let's put that here. We wanted to kind of point at something on the screen and indicate that that thing or that person is part of the bigger conspiracy. Behind wayward pines. We would use this little three note sound. that's in the main titles and that would be just a little hint for the audience that pay attention to that person or that thing or that place because it's important and that was very much a ashwin and chad because they were the ones that knew that these things might look insignificant on the screen. We're really going to become important later. And so they were the ones that suggested. Let's point at these moments throughout the series and it worked really well in the end. I think speaking of kind of being a mad scientist. I think for composers nowadays when you can manipulate sounds digitally and make so. I mean it's got a it's a great time to be able to go into a studio and just kind of play. It really is the tools that we have now. You know. I mean this is thirty five years. I've been doing electronic music and working with digital recordings and synthesizers and samplers. And all that. But if i had if i had known it was going to get this good. I never you couldn't beyond our wildest dreams of the crude tools that we were working with twenty and thirty years ago where we struggle to do stuff that now is just routine that can be done on a laptop and it really is in terms of musical technology. It's a great time to be doing this at a high level but also great time for people who are just starting out because i mean when i was just starting out of his four track tape machines and very crude instrument's and it was such a huge pain to do the most simple things and you couldn't in a bedroom studio when i was starting out. You couldn't really simulate professional results. You had to eventually go to a real studio but now people who are just starting out with just a laptop and a pair of speakers can really get a good perspective and a good taste of what the big boys are doing and it makes the process much more linear for them to progress from just starting out to in the game. So i you know kid during these kids these days. They got to easy congratulations. I'm really looking forward to the end of the series and there's a couple on my dvr. When i get back. I'm working so i can't see it but my my wife will watch him and she'll say you gotta see this week's episode. It's one of the best things about this series is the casting. Tell my god. Yeah i mean. Melissa leo and toby jones and juliette lewis and terrence howard and matt dillon all of whom have been huge fans of and you. You know they're the type of actors that seem to be just one notch below the top shelf in their in their fame perhaps but they're always the ones that my eyes are drawn to on the screen. And so i'm just think the cast is fantastic. And that's my that's originally sucked me in and made me think this show has got is got to be great because look who's involved. So i mentioned carla too. I love her absolutely. And i just i was just watching something the other night and now she's already off on other shows and so she's all over the place now to meet you man thank you. I believe that's close to wrapping up very interesting series. I've enjoyed it. It's been a great summer for television. Here's more time capsule so stay tuned. let's get back time. Capsule sf t. Podcast network has speaking of great summer. Television it's nice to have the strain back and one of the characters is hacker dutch elders. She caused the internet to crash. Working for thomas sykora stent evil nazi vampire and now she's part of the opposition and at san diego comic con. I asked rugged mucus if there is something happening between her character dutch and vasily played by kevin durant as there is there's definite exploration in that direction. How or what happens. I'm not gonna tell you. She's definitely starting to find happiness. I think one of the lovely things about dutch is. I'm probably is that she finds. This might actually exciting to the characters. It's it's the end of the world but to her. She's finding purpose and she's got a bunch of friends people that kind of need even though she she calls the initially. She's found us look for the strain on sunday nights. Spotlight has the talented leah savoldelli. Who is a producer director actor voice over artist and she's also hosted and took part in three panels at san diego comic con including all shapes and sizes. Welcome and here is part of our conversation arriving for for years now on it's called all shapes and sizes welcome and you've covered that one before she is is welcome and body image and eating disorders In the entertainment industry and I've been switching my panelist. A little bit This time around We had miracle gloria again From john house your calls over panel with me and she's got a really interesting Television show in developing hall I believe it's called insane. Jane she's executive producing and signs of out for that and then my other regular Helen answers to the founder of using the home. One of my best friends until near helena. The found on the panel from the beginning and mental better mentioned movies. And they were all comecon virgin and sherry lee meredith founder of gopher honesty. How show All about love and acceptance. You and i should. I ask who in easy girls hockey. Each.

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