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That for me yet. I could have got hershey's chocolate cheese coming every night. Coming down the pike but his water is what you give me. There's like a lightning in the literally. There was an object. Is billy flavourless. Does nothing but get your soggy water. Billy is what. I got hooked on couple noodles one incoming new now you know. I was have a couple of noodles for lunch like every day. But i did for about a month. I think it was and now. I can't look a couple of noodles. That's something i a lot of times. I'll make food. You have a cup of noodles. Did they picked up the noodles salty. What they they put water but like i'll make big giant meal and like the next day leftovers. I won't eat it then. I can't eat at the very next day. Skip a day. You know it. Just i can't it just doesn't work for me later. We can have ice cubes. You can seven eight five. Seven seven thousand two hundred eighty nine. We have the randy summers. We have to stop this thrilling conversation about billy and we need a spoon. I'm no no no no not snowy. It's not lemming. both. I do break. Stop this tom fuller. Call the police. We are back. With andy summers from the police and author of the book fretted and moaning when we come back here on the ham radio. Show be right back into these filled since about snow fucker. I guess had eight inches on my honeymoon. Radio network ham radio show. Publications has probably been serving dope club industry for over twenty years with news and resources for the strip clubs and exotic dancers visit dot com to find out more about their yearly eighty expo convention in wards magazine subscription and advertising offers. The following message has not been approved. By any snowflake social justice warriors authorities of language belief for any other special interest group. Trying to come down america the lawrence ross show on fifty two dot com probably so offensive by today standards friday nights from seven to nine. Pm eastern time blind guy is probably on social media pining for his audience. lying lawrence l. Ross nineteen eighty-seven twitter dot com lawrence text. Line eight one. Three six zero two two seven one five merchandise t spring dot com slash store slash l. Ross nineteen eighty-seven mr episode of the ham radio. Show not to worry. You can download the latest episode as well as pay shows on ham. Radio show dot com. Go to ham radio. Show dot com and click on the download link vivid experience in one of the hottest clubs in america and enjoy the best in entertainment party with the sexiest dancers and surround yourself with the most beautiful girls relaxing upscale atmosphere and enjoy the variety of first class. Amenities are various clubs have to offer enjoy exclusive events and special promotions live. Radio broadcasts and celebrity guest appearances the hottest clubs from them name. You know vivid clouds kearns and night. If you're relied idiot. Radio is an online radio station. Taking it to the edge. Back featuring shows the combined news pop culture sports and comedy boys triple-b experienced alawradio gino's combat podcasts. As well as many more radio offers a unique uncensored listening experience of what's happening in the world idiot radio will give you the full infotainment experience using live streams idiot radio dot net phone calls the any time line for one to four zero seven. Say so w and on social media facebook and twitter at idiot radio and to make sure you don't miss anything download the free streaming twenty four seven idiot radio from google play or the app store ham with follow us. Follow us but not too close on twitter. Twitter dot com forward slash ham. Radio show bob sets mcgee ham. Radio show seven one eight five seven seven thirteen eighty nine just waiting on andy summers from the police to polling. So you can listen to this a little bit if you wish billy. What is this. This repay canarian a call my butthole. That's what it is. He canetti also fucking night ariza. This should be him. Let's see let's go to the phones. We go gets the ham radio show. who's this. Who is this girl. This is my girlfriend. I actually hi. Everybody i had. I had to kind glued phone lines. Were andy summers to call again. This is this is. this is what i work with. Is the ham radio. Show like i said The good my grandpa's bought home now. That wasn't i. Don't even know if that was my girlfriend. I don't even know if there was a ton of people listening to the show. Correct was but it's hopefully positive. Maybe was maybe maybe it any summers listening and he put on a voice. I don't know but either way. Check it out check man. He's take near either either way. We're waiting on that. I have you have if i need to. I guess to find her fucking phone number now. The the lady all right the person that do that so what we could do is i can put on this. I have this ready to go. Okay let's put this on the phone put shit on hold on a minute. Took the ham radio show. who's this.

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