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Drivers goodwin is rigs slid often in a straight bridge and win into a river i'm tim mcguire president trump is vowing the us will defeat the opioid epidemic that he's those as ripping apart the country ap washington correspondence soghra mougani reports from the white house after more than sixty thousand americans died last year because of opioids and other drugs the president says the nation can no longer accept the toll he said declared the opioid epidemic a nationwide public health emergency we will face this challenge as a national family his order means the government can redirect existing resources to the fight but does not designate any new money rob rant whose son died of a heroin overdose imagines what would happen if sixty thousand and americans were instead killed in a terror attack we would print money to combat that among other things the president's promising more research money for opioid alternatives saga remain ghani at the white house nbc news is taking journalist mark helprin off the air ap's of donahue reports the move comes following claims of sexual harassment from a story on cnn how perrine is an msnbc contributor and the allegations are from five women who worked at abc when he was political director cnn correspondent congress award worked at abc she tweeted help rinse behavior was an open secret at the network emily miller a former ab see employee who is now at one american news network retweeting the how print story with a hashtag me to marcal print says he's deeply sorry and is taking a step back from daytoday work to deal with the situation i'm ed donahue letters written by to kill a mockingbird author harper lee have sold for twelve thousand five hundred dollars the 38 letters from lied to her friend feel against cough sold at auction the letters were written between two thousand five and two thousand ten and include a note written on january twenty of two thousand nine the day barack obama was inaugurated as the nation's first black president the auction company says other letters talked about lee's southern heritage her father and christianity enter apparent atheism lead died in her hometown of monrovia alabama in february 2016 about seven months after publishing go subtle watchmen a companion book tour pulitzer prizewinning novel thank you for listening to the ap radio network did.

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