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Forget there's club bridge game. I mean, the four points at club Bruges to offer very well shading against teams at the bottom and the Champions League group stage. But they've been banging average by the squad that they have assembled, but all it takes one spark, one big team performance, one special night from that front three, depending on where Neymar's and that could change. And I think that's always the concern. I think on paper at the moment, doesn't likely. But by the time the knockout stages come around, yeah, the knockouts did just come around. Yeah. Whenever that is in a few weeks time or whatever, just could be a different story. I mean, you can't not see the potential champions. But what have you seen that's told you that? No. Absolutely nothing. But you can not Tom roe, you see, these are potential champions because if you get bumpy name off and messy, the potential for them to destroy any team is there. But there has to be potentially realized. Okay, so the opposite of that is you look at PSG. If you're any of those teams in goal, well, not worry about. Okay, they may have been Barbie, may I see an email, but there have been absolute garbage. But what he allowed? No. They potentially, if they can get it together, could win this. They could. Frank? Well, I just want to remind people that the always considered goals in Premier League in a League One sorry and in chambers league. But the only time where I think they normally should have lost that game, they kept the clean sheet against Manchester City and one to kneel. Tom last season, they normally should have lost against by a Munich and they won that game away from home. I think it was something like that. But it's possible everything is possible because in one second or two seconds those players are front can change the game because of the fantastic action. And if, for once, you know, the defense wants to work together with the midfield with midfielders and if you have a fantastic navas or Dona ruma, and you have more knots, they keep them beer at the back and start thinking about playing a three at the back. Everything is possible for Parisian jammer and they can be dangerous. Imagine the play against Manchester United. They can win against Manchester United. I think my God. No, no, I understand that, Frank, but we're talking about Manchester City. We're talking about Chelsea, we're talking about Bayer Munich. We're talking about Liverpool. The real world. The bit Manchester city. You can not play against me. It's the city, because they are already in a group stages. But the bit mesh is a city. I think they can beat Chelsea. They can be Juventus. And also can be Real Madrid. I'm sure in two games, in two legs, they can do so because the talent, but they can be destroyed as well. It's possible. But we're kind of stretching, and we're catching our straws a little Frank, and then what have you seen to suggest that despite that talent that they can come together on the day and do it? Because because those players have the talent to suddenly start working together and because of their individual talent, make the difference, that's it. And you don't know what the opponent is going to be in which the opponent is going to be as well. It's why I say it's football after all. It's a human sport. I guess like any other sport, but it's human. So everything is possible. It's alien sports, Don. I just don't trust them over two legs, Dan. I mean, I get what the lads are saying and they're right because they're just so unpredictable because they've got quality players at the top end of the pitch. You're always think they're going to turn it on. And then if they've got variety who's brilliant in midfield and marquinhos at the back and Donna Roma, you start trying to put little pieces together and hakimi at right back and you look at it and you go, God, they're brilliant. But then when you come up against a buy and machine or a Liverpool machine or a man city machine who could just keep the ball away from you, are the likes of mes you're going to track back in the important moments of the game. We'll end bate track back. We'll name our track back in the important game. Will they help their midfield? Can they grind something in the second leg? We all know they can turn it on against anyone because they're like the Harlem dope trotters are just brilliant technicians and amazing players and legendary players, but stick them up against a machine over two legs. I don't see it. And all will be revealed, of course, the knockout stages kick off in and February, just a reminder how that group finished. Manchester.

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