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Other kinds of cancer and i want to see what your guest have say about that about the water table kerry well yeah the us geological society has found down at scientists working for us government have found quite satan other agricultural chemical and you know i it and water supplies all across the country including in our drinking water and california is a very big agricultural state obviously outlet in our fruits frequent vegetables come from california and they use a lot of chemical than it gets into the water and um i don't know specifically about how much mercury might be in a glass of water versus a thermometer but i certainly think it's reasonable for people to be concerned because these chemicals are in our water it's not really disputed rebecca hasn't also glaucoma first time caller rebecca thank you for calling oh yes we have a friend who died ever an unusually d e and you write everything that's all he ever get he can tell we and also burnt or die the scheme called the villages dine learn earth the birds are dying well here's the question though how do we know what's the chemical may it is but how do we know kyrie without the proof how do we know exactly that date back at question time farmers really are on the front line because they are in a has died sort of an independent suit production system pushed by montana depart dow basf and others they're using an array of these things that are linked to a host of leaker and now our government right now he's trying they've been doing this for years or gain what they call an agricultural health steady tracking like eighty thousand farm family members and trying to get a handle on the diseases and what the farmers that they gave me an and trying to link that if on after 5 to the different either on the really hard and could do you now um we know we now they're causing problems but it's hard to tie one specific northeast wants to become a coughed is it difficult to get studies done to test for this whoa in ghana later definitely is very expensive and who pays for top well the the studies that are submitted generally to the regulators like to our epa are paid for by the.

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