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There might be some gravel on the road. And you in the bike lays down you slide with it. But that's why you wear protective gear. It's funny. My Katherine Katherine, my friend, Katherine Katherine, my Katherine my. She goes, aren't you afraid of going to that he's gonna die? And I was like, well if it's time. That's all. A greater plan. So you just would like to I just want you to take a beat on the lessons. Not right now. We have a baby boy coming any second. So let's just take a beat. Maybe you know, next early spring. We can revisit it's in marriages supposed to compromise things on some things at what point is it. Like, no, I'm doing. May not be the thing. I'm not saying it is. But what point is it like one one party in relationships? Like now, I'm not really asking you politely bringing this up. So you feel part of it. But like, I'm doing this. And really what point is that? For somebody to your insurance company. Take out a gigantic life insurance policy, and then say yours the policy my policies killer around I'm not going to hurt myself. But if I do I really like this as like a topic though. Yeah. Because I think about this all the time. Like is. He supposed to ask. What that's what went into my mind. I was like, okay work like, and what does she have to ask you like what if there's something? I don't know how you guys have a like a set price on something if something's over five hundred dollars. Do you have or no mcdonagh or five values? It's.

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