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Welcome to the song and travel podcast on my list. Mock sent me biloxi Mississippi. I never been here, so but he sent me some places that he thought was great. So he also sent me some restaurants, he also sent me some comments people made, which I find very interesting. So I don't know if he was if he's like a travel agent or is he someone who travels then go and you know how they ask people what they thought about where, you know, how was it? I don't know, but thank you, Mark. I'll speak about it like I said, I never been here. I never been to Mississippi, so no part of Mississippi have I ever been to. So, but I'll tell you and I'll tell you what he's, you know, he says some people, the stuff some people say. So is the biloxi beach is one place he said is very beautiful. And it's a great place for to walk and it's a lot of friendly people there. He also said there are nearby restaurants. One is infinity buffet. The waffle House. Hookah. What is this? What? Oh, who got up cafe? So that's places you can actually eat. Yeah, you can eat. It's a place called blue, he said. Then there's also the firehouse subs. Okay. Okay. And he said there's also a Taco Bell. He said, you can also go on Mississippi coast for attractions. The treasure bay. The aquarium, the institute for aquarium. He said there's land metals, children, museum, and there's the biloxi bay bridge is also a visitor center in bile. The arenas. Stadiums are MGM pop Lexi lighthouse, there's beautiful rigid casinos. Okay, so that's some places he named. And he gave me the what people thought somebody said the water is a cesspool alligator swim there as well. Nice with pictures only said that it's nice for pictures. Another person's a great beach for terrific walks where one meets. Maybe it's just a southern hospitality. Another one to say nice walking beach except lots of little like looking at the boats near the casinos and hotels. It's lots of homelessness situation. Then another person, the weather, for the most part, was nice. We did a shrimp boat tour and had a great time. We also did a walk through the mall and that was a good that was good also. Oh, thank you, Mark. So yes, people if y'all want to go to biloxi, Mississippi. Y'all can go. Like I said, I never been there, so. But the fact that he thought it was a great place, and he also gave me comments from other people thoughts. Thank you, Mark. I really appreciate it. Like I said, I appreciate it when y'all give me things and tell me things. He said the food is great. Buffet. He also said that is, you know, the prices are okay. He sent me pictures. So I'll post a picture. The historical site is being involved, be a void. I think I'm pronouncing it right. I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing it, right? But I think that's what it is. But like I said, I post pictures for y'all post the pictures he gave, he gave him me. I mean, he gave me, I'm sorry. He gave me I posted. If you want, like I said, if you like to go to Mississippi, I say this again, I never been there, so I can't tell you from experience holidays. So, but if you like to go and thank you again, Mark. Please give this a 5 star. Thank you also for listening to his podcast because he was already once speaking to our heart rate. Where.

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