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Radio yesterday saying if i advise people to do that follow the clinton model and there's a thousand articles today saying sean hannity is encouraging people to obstruct justice i said no if you did it you're not going to get the same result does hillary how stupid or these people if you're part of the politically connected establishment class in this town and it is not the post to work that way also sean the ones they did finally decided that they were going to turn over they got the sort all those emails on the front end cheryl mills heather samuelson david kendall sorted them and said okay here's the thirty thousand we're going to get back to you the other thirty thousand we're going to keep and they're gonna do to those things what you just described so that compare that to what cohen got what manafort guy getting their door kicked in five in the morning i mean that's the problem here and now when the doj as well we can't give you what we said we were gonna give you we can't give you the documents used subpoena we're gonna wait till next week and we're gonna give them to the game and all this all this plays out after we've caught them hiding information we just don't believe may let's say let's say that let's say the briefing that was given a week ago by the department of justice and the fbi to some members of congress let's say they were telling the truth no one would believe him because of the tracker it's like the boy who cried wolf we can't believe you now even if you telling you i don't think they necessarily were but even if you weren't you couldn't believe them so that's why we got to get the information.

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