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Bye. Kill. Let's help out someone who e mailed from to come See Ontario. His name is John Preston. And he says Joe, My speed queen washed your has an intermittent water Lee. Under the machine on the front Right side. The machine is level. It's three years old. Three years old. The leak is happens when we have towels in, but it's that overloaded and he wondered if it could be the drain pump. Could be could be. I mean, he's not gonna know till he gets in there and you know a lot of people send me emails with leaks, Leak factors. You know what I and they don't know where it's coming from. And I have a trick we used to use I used to use Is, Yeah. Get some foot powder, some talcum powder or some baby powder. And just open up the machine. Take the front off this beat queen, for instance. And throw a handful of baby powder in there doesn't hurt and things smells pretty. But it also tells you where the leaks coming from the water coming out of a hose with a loose clamp. Very common. The water will run through the baby powder and show you exactly where the water is coming from. And while I'm on the subject, you know the mike My computer here loads up. What With emails While I'm talking on the air I might add, And that's very nice. I love e mails. I love answering you and helping you and keeping in touch with you. But I just got an email here in the first hour for my lady in Kentucky and Donald, if you don't mind She can't get through on the spectrum site to get the newsletter And so she said to me, would you enroll me? Well, let's take one. And here's what I do in a situation that's occasionally I run into a. You know, an E mail a Web address that I can't connect with. For whatever reason or somebody can't connect to something. So what I suggest is she send us an email and we'll put the link. With the correct address just in case there's a mistake being made with the Lincoln A reply email tour. Also have to do is click on that, and it should go right there. And so that's the way to make sure we're not having any kind of an error in the way we're typing in the address. We'll send her a link back to the correct address. So if you'll just send us an email at a P P L. D O. C. T. So That's the first four letters of the plants, followed by the first four letters of Dr at gmail dot com. A P P l D O c T at gmail dot com and then I will send it back to her with correctly and she'll be often roll on seeing the February issue of the newspaper, the email newsletter. And also get the next 12 months of that newsletter for a minimum $10 donation. Let's go to Windsor. Joe got a guy who's got a bottom freezer on his fridge. It's not working. Let's talk to Greg. Hi. Great. Thanks for calling. What kind of refrigerator do you have? The originator of three door French store the 36 inch wide stealing Okay. What? Let's happening. Okay, so.

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