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Email share thoughts hairy your marble, but you can even ask any thoughts right? email was saying Lunatics Act com call a voicemail, six, one, four, three, eight, two, two, seven, three, seven, six, one, four, thirty eight CAPES, and follow legends of the perverse followed before the Bat. All of our stuff find links for everything all at one comedian place. That's linked Trie L.. N., K. T.. R. Dot ee slash caves in lunatics. And remember sports sponsors tweaked audio hunter killer pod life, the book volume one now in digital in paperback, and when you buy anything off Amazon used the link for Southgate Media Group right down there in the show notes, it helps support this show. The Network and Rob Mastered Himself Gay. Go Back and look at my history and you'll find out. I am right so much more often than. Mark my words kipling. He had to leave. He can did that. Live all right Hellfire parts. If you one L. me on the INTERWEBS. On twitter at will fire or over on instagram with the cool kids. Will fire eighty six or at low, hellfire sixty nine. Unpopular opinion out of my mouth. Rose did nothing wrong, but that will be needed a refresh. Anyway there you go. Are Thank,.

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