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And of course our own sun system with a place where they go frequently occasionally. That should give me fucking chills down my spine. This is a weird weird ephedra freezing though frequently or occasionally every day or like once every explaining that they're either they're often and they fall these trade routes often and then the ones. She said that her broken up or once they They haven't traveled much. I understand that. I just don't like that. That paraphrasing does that not bother us has frequently or occasionally so means that she said we visited and we know. That's what i'm talking in. Noah says the frequent or occasionally so thinking about. Why mean be there every day or once every seven traveling at light. Speed and speeds that will never understand. And this physical form being on this planet weird paraphrasing. That's confusing. Let's get into a little bit of the interview in general. So this is george morton talking. And i'll do voices out here. You go and early morning. Hours of september one thousand nine hundred ninety six one betty and barney hill were exchanging traveling and desert new hampshire highway. When an event occurred that would change a life forever. Betty it was beautiful night. The moon was very bright. Calm and relaxed. The radio was playing. When i saw a strange light in the sky came out over the highway and stopped directly in front of us. Oh what what. Betty thought she saw was a flying saucer. At this point barney got out with his noculars and attempt to identify the craft. And how is he looked up. He could see a row of men standing in the windows. Looking down at him the craft began to descend and he had the feeling he was being abducted at first. Betty and barney hill recalled only shadowy fragments of what happened that night but much later under hypnosis through memories came in sharper focus. The leader was telling me something. I can see it in his face. These tapes were recorded during noces with barney hill. And this is barney. Give me strength. i've gotta get away. Oh according to the hills extraordinary tell they were forced to board a flying saucer by creatures from space as far as we know we probably at least in modern day life the first time the first ones to have face to face contact with astronauts from another solar system. Betting barney may have been the first but are certainly not the last to report an alien abduction and since that night on the lonely highway thirty three years ago thousands have come forward changing that they too are victims of folk kidnapping recall plus poor suggesting that millions of americans believe in them including budd hopkins. Where the fuck and nineteen sixty four. The cold at an alien telepathic powers. Very much like betty and barney hill discovered just days after the broadcast. Like anything that happened. That's fine. I don't like all of that. What you just bothered me and maybe a line. And i don't like any of that so wrong. I'm going to have nightmares in this in this session. Barney had many recollections such as meeting. This is fucking crazy. Talk about fucking crazy. Shit fucking crazy and their special case so we didn't get him this too much but they swore they saw fucking white. Do's and fucking nazi regalia looked like fucking s s officers fucking recall evil all them in the fucking window when they're looking at them. They thought that they saw like grays hill. Us all reptilians part of this They literally asaf and they said they swore they saw white german looking people with blonde hair and blue eyes and ss uniforms abducted. There were looking over them. They were talking to the reptilians back here saw. How did you a german accent. That that's geeze goud k. Nobody can see. But i really want to just point the fact that every time. Tom does german accent. He sticks his hand out with when we record that episode. You guys at the end kept doing it nine so much nine then you hanging october. Put a sausage volkswagen possible. I love your jus. Oh my god so this is crazy so there is many in. That's why this is could be a whole series of episodes and the session. Barney had many recollections such as meeting an irishman. The had red hair conor mcgregor. It's kind of conor. Mcgregor's ru took me yet. He is talking. It's fucking beard is orange. His is orange. Everything's about him. Orange literally the the most irish men than right now. But i don't know hey carbon so so and this is what i'm saying. How deep this goes the. He and board had recollections of being an irishman that supposedly had red hair but they're they're type of beings which we could also get into another episode jury member member to member member so many mexican out eastern time man. We had the very first like stream. Skype earlier encounters. You member those weird ginger aliens. I do the same thing so these beings were also there that didn't seem to be human and all individuals were dressed in similar looking uniforms. And they're all ginger looking fucks with beards but didn't look human. It's like you're looking fox with like irish weirs fucking shit. And it was weird all hunters another place. If you're you're not wide is they're not screaming at you let you fuck you. Don't like talk. Is the man fucking. Kill you folk in wink. Yeah houston carter. But the fact that like you know what i mean like i also a you've heard about we're in creatures like maybe tentacle arms super total ginger alien. See it's fucking weird. The aliens don't like them gingery. They don't want you to know but.

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