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Diamond to Corey Band worth over $2000. You could enter to win Now A J are done dot com slash Win I intelligence going to be bigger than ever, So come on in. You're gonna know the perfect ring when you see it. July 17th and 18th at Jr Done. Jewelers 40 to 10 North federal highway in Lighthouse Point Quarter Mile north of Sample Road I. Heart radio's down Florida businesses you should know, with Manny Munoz and Gregory to Vincent, vice president of marketing Gulfstream Park. That's been really exciting to see people dining at that yard House and Christine leaves on DH family's kind of in the main Park Square area. You know, just people finally come out of their house. Imagine everybody's just happy that you guys were reopened and they've got somewhere to go kind of because they've been holed up for the last couple Three months. Yeah, yeah, that's cleared. I mean, people are just happy to get out. Happy to watch the horse is happy to play some slot machines or just get out of dying a little bit. You know, it weren't were really part of the community here and how in the beach and I think a lot of our guests are just happy to kind of be here again, and You know they've been. They've been watching our races on our live stream and unfair or mobile app. But there's nothing like actually being here and and watching the sport and, you know, live here. The Gulfstream Park podcast at dot com A fam Jada Pinkett Smith here, bringing your favorite red table talk episodes to podcast. I want to introduce you to two of the most important women in my life. My mom Gammy. She's really old school wanted you to be in that situation, not date will at all. And then we have My daughter, Willow. I'm gonna be like my ancestors and just do what I need to do. Listen to the red table Talk podcast Presented by Facebook Watch and Westbrook Audio on the I Heart Radio Act or wherever you get your podcasts way..

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